Syd Arthur – On an On (DCRC007) (2012)

SAM_1709Hirsuiteness, conspicuously able musicianmanship, tortuous, ever-changing time signatures, long instrumental passages and a name which alludes simultaneously to the Pink Floyd’s founder, a Kinks rock opera and Hermann Hesse’s 1951 enlightenment-attaining icon.

And yet, sometimes when a band looks like prog, walks like prog and quacks like prog it’s not necessarily prog. The amiable On an On‘s nimbleness and folk-jazz (but not blues) colouration suggest a latter-day Pentangle, albeit one whose churning, interlocking world rhythms also recall post-punks fIREHOSE. For me, the only thing missing is more vocal harmonies/counterparts to match the music’s intricacy.

Poster included with the On an On vinyl. The Lp was purchased using guilt-free birthday money.

Poster included with the On an On vinyl. The Lp was purchased using guilt-free birthday money on the recommendation of a friend who also played me the first few songs as we drove along Normandy backroads on our way to buy a mountain of spirits while on holiday there this summer.

Syd Arthur are, at this point, a local Canterbury band*. Nevertheless, they do seem to tour around the country (and even on the continent) quite a bit. Their confident production and arrangement decisions mark them out as future festival headliners. Thrifty Vinyl readers may wish to check Syd Arthur out here.

*Despite this proximity, I have yet to see them live, but plan to.

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  1. A record with a beard?

  2. Hairy, anyway.

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