The Very Best of Éthiopiques (mantcd245) (2007)


(Columbus, Ohio) – Citing the lack of decent second-hand product and a higher retail profile, area coffee shop employee Claude Barnet has declared the “era of the vinyl revival” over.

“With of all these Johnny-Come-Lately overfishing,” Barnet explained, “there’s nothing worth having at any of my Thrift Stores or Flea Markets.”

“I mean, I can only look at so many Kenny friggin’ Rogers records,” he added bitterly.

Barnet also blamed the internet for allowing people to research their Lp collections and sell them at inflated prices. “I had hoped that there would be a ‘race to the bottom’,” the bearded barista recalled. “You know, with a huge stock, prices would be forced down as everyone competed for sales.” But it hasn’t panned out that way and Barnet claims record sellers are charging “like ten bucks for a crappy, used No One’s Gonna Change Our World budget line re-issue. It’s a joke.”

When you add to that new and re-issued vinyl’s increasing market share, the hipster is being squeezed out.  “And, of course, now big High Street retailers like HMV have gotten in on the act and started selling vinyl again,” complained Barnet. “I mean, Christ, you can buy Kylie Lps and ABBA re-issues these days!”

The good news is that now everyone’s getting rid of their compact discs.  “I’ve bought loads lately,” he enthused. “Including a sweet two-disc Éthiopiques comp and a deluxe Trouble Man soundtrack CD that I’d never have gotten on stupid old vinyl.”

Barnet also praised CDs’ digital clarity (“none of that awful, distracting crackle”), convenience, ability to hold a considerable number of songs, bonus tracks as well as their informative booklets and scholarship.

“Yep, CDs are definitely the way of the future,” Barnet said thoughtfully, adding, “At least until the cassette thing takes off.”

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  1. Controversial 🙂

    Great score on the Ethiopiques CD

  2. Yes, lovin’ the ethiopiques disc, and yet I’m not too bothered about getting further items in the series.

    Not afraid of a little controversy. 🙂

  3. another great one asbo… but although i concur with these “views” on CD’s being superior to vinyl, mine would be non-ironic!

  4. This is only half ironic, Wilber. Things have changed for me–and yes, I can only look at so many Mrs. Mills records.

  5. when my charity shop vinyl hunting was at its apogee a few years back, in comparative terms i don’t actually remember seeing that many mrs mills records. however, the following were more likely to be in any box than not:

    that reminds me: i don’t know if someone pointed this out on this blog or elsewhere, but hardened crate-diggers can spot a copy of that old staple “no parlez” by paul young just from the top edge of the sleeve…

  6. Satire very close to the truth….

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