Fairport Convention – Unhalfbricking (CGLP 4418) (1969)


(New York, New York) – Universal Music has announced its intention to make available special 10th Anniversary Deluxe vinyl re-issues of the 30th Anniversary Deluxe CD re-issues originally released during the early 2000s. The Lps, including the band’s seminal first five records, will feature none of the bonus tracks on the compact disc editions, nor will the records be remastered (digital or analogue) by producer Joe Boyd or original engineer John Wood. The records have been pressed using many-times recycled plastic on to special lightweight 80g vinyl. According to the press release, the original third generation master tapes used for the 1980 budget Carthage Records re-issue have been utilised for the 10th Anniversary vinyl re-issues of the 30th Anniversary CD re-issues. Universal’s Dick Schmoozely claims the use of crappy vinyl and well-worn masters give the disc “that highly prized thin, flat, almost muffled sound so beloved of late 70s and 80s re-issues.”

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  1. that couple at the front were probably the same age as i am now… but they still look like my grandparents to me!

  2. The couple are Sandy Denny’s parents – the photo was taken at their house.

  3. i knew they were the parents of one of the band members – the reason FC are so called is because they used to hang out (or should i say convene) at that house (in the muswell hill area of north london) which was known as “fairport”…

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