Ned Doheny – Prone (25AP 1859) (1979)

SAM_0122LOCAL RECORD STORE BOYCOTT THREATENED             Shop’s Lp Filing System Blasted As ‘Institutionally Racist’

(Columbus, Ohio) — One resident said he couldn’t believe such things were still happening in 2013. Another reported that she was uncomfortable living in an area where it went on and, though it meant the loss of perhaps tens of thousands of dollars, would be selling her house. Yet another called it, “simply the most blatant display of overt racism [she’s] seen in [her] forty years as a citizen of Clintonville.”

To find what has so shocked community members you must visit For The Records, a used vinyl store in Clintonville a block south of North Broadway. But be warned, to cross the threshold is to step back to a time of Jim Crow laws, lynchings and separate “white” and “colored” drinking fountains.

“It’s disgusting,” snorted one neighbor who wished to remain anonymous. “If Daryl Hall or Michael McDonald were African-American, they’d be in the Soul and R&B section; however, just because of the color of their skin, H2O and “Sweet Freedom” records are ghettoized in  the Pop section.”

“Where would you put Charlie Pride?” asked another resident rhetorically. “C&W right? No, apparently not. Because he’s black, he goes in with the blues records along with Robert Cray; but not Joe Bonamassa or Stevie Ray Vaughn though, they’re filed with the Rock Lps.”

Some Clintonvillians have called for a boycott. “It beggars belief,” local councilor Shane Frosh told Thrifty Vinyl, “that in 2013 you can’t put Ned Doheny’s Prone in with the other R&B music.”

“And the fact that the store carries no Lps at all by interracial bands like Booker T and the MGs, Sly & the Family Stone or War and only those Bruce Springsteen records without Clarence Clemons is a national disgrace.”

But owner Larry Parnes denies any malicious intent: “I ain’t no racist,” he claimed, pausing to hawk a brown stream of intermingled sputum and tobacco into a brass spittoon in the corner of the store. “I jest don’ think the Good Lord wants records by different colors to mix.”

Adding, “Would you let your daughter file her Plan B and Eminem vinyl in with Hip Hop?”


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  1. asbo does it again! “to prove my love” might be considered a rare groove classic, but to me is an infuriating track… as i can’t tell where the “one” is!

    • Both those Columbia Doheny Lps are superb IMO.

  2. By the way, the YouTube Lp version features a completely different lead vocal/lyrical take to the one on my album.

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