Island 45s

SAM_1735Ever more Island product from one week ago. Slightly less satisfying due to sound quality issues: 7″s tend to take more of a beating/are less protected than their foot-long compatriots.SAM_1736What do you do when your brand name is hopelessly out of fashion.  If you’re The Pink Floyd, getting rid of the definitive article helps. But what if you’re The Crewcuts? The Chocolate Watchband? The Heptones? At least the Heptones got away with it at least by making great root harmony singles.

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  1. bands that couldn’t make their mind up about the definitive article include (the) specials and (the) sweet…

    (not) a true story: i once played in a 60’s band called “the definitive article”. then when the 70’s arrived, in order to remain hip we felt compelled to shorten it to “definitive article”

    • I wish that was true.

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