Finnish Graffiti – Rautalankaa ja Beat-Musiikkia 1961-1965 (FL 1500-1501) (1979)

SAM_0254Replete with sub-Cruisin’ cover and half-assed allusion to a then six-year old George Lucan film, this double Lp various artists compilation on Finnlevy posits an alternate universe in which Duane Eddy comes from Helsinki, Dick Dale surfs the Gulf of Bothnia, teens dance “the Jenka” and The Feenades, not The Shadows, are the premier pre-Beatles guitar band.

Subtitled Suomalaisen Rockin Historiaa Vol. 1 (“Finnish Rock History Volume One”), Levy (disc) one consists entirely of Rautalankaa (literally translated, Iron or Steel Wire) music; i.e. instrumental guitar rock in the Chantays or Surfaris vein, though a bit tame compared to Nuggets. And, despite general assent that Finnish ain’t the best language to rock in, Timo Jämsen, The Sounds and others attempt just that, with mixed results on the second levy. Others try their hand at English, including both Danny & the Islanders and Andy & the Islanders. The former improbably claim, in song, to be born in East Virginia while the latter’s take on “Farmer John” is perfectly insane. There’s even a Finnish take on Lennon/McCartney’s Peter & Gordon castoff, “A World Without Love”, here recast as the slightly less catchy sounding “Maailma Ilman Rakkautta”.

It’s a thrift store oddity, for sure.


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