Ike & Tina Turner – River Deep – Mountain High (AMLB 1021) (1970)

SAM_0267A schizoid, grab bag Lp of half-Spector/half-Ike productions. Tina can’t half pick ’em.

But let us not wring hands about the alleged assholism of the men in Turner’s life; no, let us celebrate a soul album, over-the-top on all fronts, unlike any other. SAM_0268In fact, I’ve never been a huge fan of the title song, a bizarre, desperate lyric (easy to imagine as the contents of a psychiatrist’s notebook) overwhelmed by echo of Grand Canyon proportions. Still, it’s almost car-crash compelling. The other Spector productions are likewise grand. Ike’s stuff is stripped down by comparison and more R&B. SAM_0266This is a 1970 re-issue on A&M’s budget offshoot, Mayfair, of the 1966 Lp. The liner notes retrospectively detail writer Tony Hall’s involvement in successfully breaking the troubled project in the UK (it famously flopped Stateside). I’d never heard the album till I picked it up today at Demelza House in Hythe for one pound sterling.

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  1. Spector famously banned Ike from the studio and recorded his tracks with Tina alone. I never noticed the photographic credit before – and what’s with the washboard (if that’s what it is)?

  2. Yeah, the whole thing’s just weird. I assume it’s THE Dennis Hopper who took the picture of I&T in domestic bliss. I believe it about Ike not around for Spector work–it sounds completely different.

  3. the washboard is so that ike can make tina hand-wash his sharp suits as part of his alpha male/piece-of-shit wife-beating/under my thumb policy…

    a couple of things about tina (other than i can’t stand her screechy voice – second only to aretha in that department):
    1 – it always amuses me how different the “ike &” and solo tina look, what with the latter’s frightwig and wacko-like skin-lightening (are they in fact the same person?)
    2 – tina announced her farewell/retirement tour about 10 years ago. and then a few years later she did a sinatra and started performing live again – in the extremely unlikely event i had attended one her gigs on the basis that it was advertised as the last chance to see her in action and then later found out that was not the case, i would have been extremely disgruntled. in fact i would have tried to get my money back for being conned by false representation!

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