Nancy Sinatra – Country, My Way (RLP 6252) (1967)

SAM_0285I’ve never been a particular fan of Lee Hazlewood, his productions only just the right side of kitsch for my taste, but I couldn’t resist this country-pop crossover by long-time muse Sinatra today as it was just being put out at a chaz in Hythe. Seems everyone and their 13-year old first cousin made a country Lp back in the 60s, but this one works on account of top-notch playing and song selection, though Hazlewood must be the only singer in the studio technically worse than Sinatra.

This one’s for my homies, Out of Town DJs.SAM_0286

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  1. with reference to the subsequent post, could nancy sinatra be described as “jack-off fodder”? even though she’s always full-on with the glamour, there’s no doubting where she got her looks from… which might put a few people off!

    • “What’s this I hear about you bozos havin’ a one-handed rign-a-ding-ding lookin’ at pictures of my little girl? I think me and the boys are gonna have to knock some skulls together, but fast.” F. Sinatra (1967)

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