Milt Jackson Quartet – Statement (T.501) (1961)

SAM_0297What this just yesterday purchased album demonstrates, apart from my seemingly endless capacity to listen to Modern Jazz Quartet-related music, is why I tend not to buy from Oxfam. Look closely at the front cover. At the bottom right you will find the price sticker for Sue Ryder whence came this gem: £1. Fair enough. Now cast your saucers upward and note the £5.99 tag from the aforementioned Oxfam.

SAM_0298I will tell you this for nothing, my seemingly endless capacity to listen to Modern Jazz Quartet music is not matched by a correspondingly endless budget and no way would I have shelled out six nicker for this (admittedly lovely) Lp, especially as it’s a 1966 World Record re-issue and not the original Impulse! version.

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  1. i trust you register a complaint with the oxfam shop managers (usually slightly studious-looking women in their 20’s who have recently graduated from a university media course or similar) each time you come across a hideously-overpriced album in one of their stores?

  2. In a Red Cross, I gently queried the £10 price on a Tom Mouton mixed twelve and was told that all their prices were vetted by a women who knew what she was doing. As if.

  3. when i first moved to manchester i used to regularly visit the oxfam store in oldham street and browse through all the albums at £1 each that were kept right at the back in a haphazard manner. and as such i would often take a punt on several. then one day about 10 years ago i turned up to find the windows festooned with beatles albums and suchlike at ridiculously stiff prices, whilst as soon as i walked in i was confronted with what looked like custom-made-made specialist racks like you see at collectors’ fairs and specialist record shops, and all albums in them (in “categories”) individually priced with the cheapest being around a fiver – even the likes of mantovani!

    i asked to see the manager to register my dismay at this change of policy, and when i remonstrated to her about their prices now being too high for me to even consider buying anything on spec and that they would lose my custom accordingly, she (yes, one of those described above, who probably see vinyl in the same way they see the bars of chocolate they sell) replied without a trace of empathy “since we upgraded we have taken more money”. i wondered what kind of punter would be happy to pay the new inflated prices when they could have probably got a better deal in a second-hand record shop or on the internet. the only conclusion i could come to was it must have been people with more money than they knew what to do with, who had a: never visited the shop before, and b: probably bought them so they could impress their dinner-party guests…

    i concluded that any further protest would be wasted on these people, and as such have since taken what i call the “english” way of objection in simply refusing to buy any of their goods in the hope that they would suffer financially accordingly and restore the status quo (their albums are probably going there for a fiver now ha ha!). but presumably whoever this new brand of punter is, it appears there are enough them to justify oxfam’s ridiculous demands as it appears they have no intention backtracking.

    oh well, let us hope it is them who are now stopping african children from starving, for it won’t be me…

    ps – if my experiences are anything to go by, the woman “who knows what she is doing” is probably referring to the record collector’s guide near mint evaluations and pricing them up not a penny less, even though the average vinyl die-hard knows even in such condition you’ll be lucky to get half of that. and no bartering either – they would be less offended if you dropped your pants and defecated on the floor! as they say: “in the land of the blind the one-eyed man (or woman in this case) is king”…

  4. My local charity shop has now priced all albums at £5 and singles at £2 regardless of title, tatty cover or vinyl that is grey with scratches. I queried this price hike (they were previously £1 and 50p respectively) and was told firmly that this was on the advice of an ‘expert’. The one eyed man (or woman) strikes again!

    • This cyclops chap has a lot to answer for. Overpricing an Arthur Conley Sweet Soul Music on purple Atlantic is one thing, but charging five pounds for Private Dancer/No Jacket Required/etc. is abitrary and serves no-one’s interest, least of all the Chaz’s.

      • i used to frequent a record shop where phil collins was known as “the antichrist”!

      • PC gets a lot of grief for his lightweight pop career, and while I own none of his music, nor plans to get any, I have nowhere near the antipathy many seem to. Good drumming on some of those Eno albums.

  5. yes, phil was a good drummer (i was well into the tears for fears album “the seeds of love” 20 years ago, and couldn’t believe he played on one of my faves from that “woman in chains”), but that does not excuse the solo stuff he inflicted on the true music lover for 15 years or so! when i was doing a music course at college we had to tackle various songs from sheet music – one time we were handed out “one more night” which induced instant groaning from all those present. the tutor responded by saying “it doesn’t matter what you think – if you want to make a living as a musician it’s the sort of stuff you’ll have to play”…

    for those interested, i ended “being” phil collins for that exercise by singing and playing the drums at the same time – the latter was easy enough even though i was a novice, but i had to listen to the original over and over again so i could get the lyrics in my head – aarrgghhh!!

    • 🙂

  6. i can’t stop hearing the chorus of “one more night” in my head now – damn you phil collins and your lightweight music-for-people-who-don’t-like-music-very-much!

    although never a prog fan, as a teenager i was quite partial to bits of some genesis collins-led albums (“trick of the tail”, “and then there were three”, “duke”). but even though i have re-acquired those tracks as mp3’s in more recent times, i find it difficult to listen to them without disassociating him from the dross he punished me with once he started his solo career – at least with someone like leo sayer i can say i never liked him much from the start, which makes things a lot more simple!

  7. ps – asbo as an american relative-newcomer to this country, i should tell you that phil was highly respected by the average rock fan in the UK until he started churning out his solo shite, whilst he was virtually unknown stateside therefore had no such reputation to ruin. which is probably why he attracts so much flak here. perhaps you can think of others who you grew up admiring in the states that you later despised for selling out? chicago come to mind as potential candidates…

    • Genesis were making Gold/Platinum records in the US from 1973, while his art rock drumming with Eno, et al. also garnered much praise Stateside. There are, therefore, plenty of people who roll their eyes at the balding percussionist in America.

      I understand why people get the hump with ol’ Phil, I just don’t indulge myself.

      I’ll have to think about the sell-outs I dislike. Mostly, I think, artists just go on with their careers from album to album and make commercial decisions by committee or at record co’s arm twisting. Unless you are super strong-willed, have an irrepressible artistic vision or are not obliged to sell records, good and bad choices largely come about because of context and fashion (and overindulgence in drugs), I’d say.

  8. Can’t add much on the topic of chazzas except to say that they have all been pretty barren around my way recently. The prices (with the inevitable exception of Oxfam) remain reasonable but there just isn’t much vinyl in them. They have collectively failed to step up to the plate in the car boot close season 😦

    I know this might be quite unPC but re PC I have always liked Face Value. Recently too I have discovered Brand X which are definitely worth a listen.

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