The Skatalites – “Guns of Navarone” b/w “Marcus Garvey” (WI 168) (1965)

SAM_0307Horace Andy once asked the musical question, “Do you love Reggae Music?” Now Thrifty Vinyl has asked its readers to write in and tell us what you really think about Jamaica’s national music. So, this month’s question…


  • “No, because I find it distracting when I smoke marijuana.” Vicky Verky, Camberwell.
  • “I used to listen to it back in College, when I had ideals and before I had a mortgage.” Russ T. Fari, Leeds.
  • “Not really. All reggae music sounds the same to me. Mind you, all classical, heavy metal, punk, garage, jazz, pop, dubstep, funk, house, bluegrass, soul, country, folk and blues music sound the same to me as well.” Carl Book-Marx, oop north.
  • “As a Trustafarian, I am obliged to like it.” Bobo, Oz.
  • “Don’t know it or feel it.” Mary Kettle-Chips, Dover.
  • “Yes. I’ve got a cd of Labour of Love by UB40.” Billie Burke, Cheltenham.
  • “I went right off reggae when Haile Selassie I died.” – Dyson Hoover, Farnham.
  • “Only if it’s on badly pressed JA vinyl.” Beanz N. Franks, Manchester
  • “What, do I look like a boring, white, balding, middle-aged man?” – Kevin, London.
  • “No. I preferred Jughead.” – Archie, Comics.
  • “Definitely. You mean Bob Marley, right?” – Guy Blanco, Never-Neverland.
  • “Not especially, but I do have a hilarious ‘rasta wig’.” Sir Jeremy Park-Lane, Westminster.
  • “Mento, no. Ska, yes. Rock Steady, yes. Ragga, yes. Dub, no. Jamaican R&B, no.” Richard, Bristol.
  • “Wait, reggae comes from Jamaica?”  – Bob Whacksibildup, Land’s End.
  • “Yes, but just the 70s classics, you know, by Eric Clapton, the Clash, Paul Simon and the Rolling Stones.” Alex Cleaning Product, by a tree.
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  1. i like a bit of bob marley every now and again…

    • Though I listened to a fair amount of Bob growing up, I grew, for a time at least, into a bit of a snob about his Island records. !t was the so-called “Jamaican Mix” of Catch a Fire on the deluxe re-issue (2001) that completely turned me back around on the Tuff Gong, though, to be sure, some albums are definitely better than others, e.g. Fire, Natty Dread, Survival, Exodus stand head ‘n’ shoulders above Kaya and Rastaman Vibration, IMO.

  2. Reggae is great, especially Marvin Gaye

  3. I think I am like many British people of my generation in that I went slightly beyond Bob Marley to have a bit of Jimmy Cliff and Toots & the Maytals in my record collection – I even have a Desmond Dekker collection somewhere – but never got really deeply into the genre. But I hear echoes of that distinctive Jamaican rhythm all over a lot of popular music.

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