The Modern Jazz Quartet – The Sheriff (HA-K 8161) (1964)

SAM_0313When will this deluge of MJQ records cease? Well, at least as long as I keep finding VG+ condish mono editions for a pound, as I did today… 
Consistency is paradoxically both the major strong point and drawback of the MJQ, though informed critics generally regard post-1960 Modern Jazz Quartet albums as inferior to those prior. With a pleasant hints of Bossa rhythms, The Sheriff sounds pretty good to me; such is their aforementioned consistency that, at least to the cloth-eared dilettante, the difference between good and great MJQ Lps is incremental and not one of giant steps, so to speak.
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  1. Hello!

    How I Can download this album, or its impossible?

  2. The album cover reminds me a lot of Communist era Polish film posters –

    • Well spotted, DSL. I thought maybe it was a Ben Shawn, but the art was by Stanislaw Zagorski, a Pole responsible for a lot of cool Atlantic Lp art, including, among many others, VU’s Loaded.

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