Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes – Welcome Home (ST-20147) (1969)

SAM_0325Inevitably groovy Lp by the Jimmy Smith-influenced Hammondist. The repertoire veers into EZ Listening, so, despite a funky backbeat, background or pruned enjoyment is recommended. Several jazzbos who went on to work with Steely Dan feature. Only £1.50 from the lady on the same stall as the Basie below.

When I saw this same seller in Etchinghill this weekend, she wanted to charge £5 a piece for albums that, while in EX+ condition, weren’t as interesting, saying she’d done a bunch of research in the meantime and was now basing her prices on eBay’s Buy-It-Now figures. I didn’t bother explaining that a quantification based on Discogs’  highest/lowest actually paid represents a more sensible option, I simply put those records back.

SAM_0326Half of the inner gatefold on Heinz Edelmann-style illustration typical of the day.

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  1. looks like a good buy asbo… before the fence was erected! she’s probably never heard of discogs…

    • Yes, it was one of those Indian Jones smash ‘n’ grabs where I slid and rolled under a rapidly closing cave door as a several tonne boulder hurtled towards me.

  2. reminds of an incident in my childhood: there was a derelict and boarded-up napoleonic fort in my hometown, that the more adventurous kids would break into and look around the dungeons and stuff. when i was old and bold enough i thought i’d check it out, and persuaded a friend to come along with me. however, when we got there we discovered the council had started renovating it, making it “safe” by blocking up all the more interesting parts! so i’ve never been inside, even though it has since been re-opened as a tourist attraction (with an entry fee). i feel this kind of relates to not paying a fiver for an album, when you know you could have had it for a third of the price a week earlier!

    • It’s political correctness gone mad…you couldn’t make it up…all Eurocrats running our lives from Brussels…etc., etc., etc.

      The seller had something like six big boxes of records which she is topping up from a cashe of, she says, 40,000 Lps which she is whittling down. The spurned records in question came from one of the two new boxes she’d set out.

      • 40,000 LPs!? You’ve got to don caveman outfit and try and have an inside peek at that lot! Must be something worth having and a deal could be done for any sort of quantity surely?… on second thoughts perhaps don’t bother, I would be green with envy at the subsequent TV posts!

        The Discogs spectrum is my yardstick of choice too. I have also considered offering it as advice to clueless sellers but in the end thought I would be wasting my breath.

      • D, that’s not a bad idea! Stay tuned.

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