Blind Faith (583 059) (1969)


(London, England) — An as-yet-un-named UK supergroup is today facing historic allegations of making and distributing indecent images. The supergroup, which can’t be named for legal reasons, was summoned to New Scotland Yard yesterday to answer questions in connection offensive photographs taken in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

While the band has not yet been identified, sources close to the investigation called the photographs “shocking and disturbing” and say there may be additional photographs in the United States.

Some have claimed the images are “artistic”, but the authorities are taking a different view: “It’s disgusting,” claimed a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police. “In one photograph, four homely, lank-haired men in their late 20s or early 30s can be clearly seen gathered around musical equipment. All appear to be smoking.”

“Why anyone would choose to look like that, I simply don’t know,” he added.

Another image shows the men apparently laughing, seemingly unaware of their grubbiness.

“They really are a plain-looking bunch,” continued the source.

Perhaps most shocking, police believe one of gentlemen to be a ginger. However, since the images in question are printed in black and white, further forensic study is required before this can be confirmed.


Editor’s Note: This is a very good, surprisingly loose album. Only Ginger Baker’s drum solo lowers the tone, and even that doesn’t go on too long. Slightly under-rehearsed, Stevie W sound shrill at times, while EC contributes tasteful, interesting and seemingly not over-thought guitar throughout; overall, it’s a snapshot of an album by people at the top of their game. Picked up (along with a few others) at a second-hand place in exchange for several unwanted pieces from the Asbo libarry. 


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