Record Store Day (slight return)

SAM_0374Okay, I did participate in Record Store Day, if only virtually. And you will be pleased to hear that I didn’t have to entirely abandon my thrifty principles. I got the three RSD items above (relatively) cheap: the 5Lp Gilson box was going for £60 (and no postage) at Honest Jon’s the first Saturday they were “allowed” to sell RSD product online. I think this must have been a mistake because it was much more expensive elsewhere (upwards of £90 incl. postage) and HJ’s marked up their price to £75 the next day; the Everly’s Roots Lp has been on The List for some time now and Sounds of the Universe was (and, as of today, still is) flogging them at 20% off their £20 retail; finally, I picked up the lovely Action 8 x 7″ box set this week at Proper Music for £45, whereas everywhere else it was sold out or priced too high for me (£80-£120!).

In order to weakly justify/mitigate these, for me excessive, purchases, I’m selling several redundant or unlistened to pieces from the library.

So that’s all okay then.

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  1. I like the Hendrix reference in the title!

    • Well spotted.

  2. […] last year’s harsh dismissal (and subsequent retrenchment), I allowed myself to go whole hog for RSD 2015 and properly stand in the queue to buy retail […]

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