Pixies – “Planet of Sound” b/w “Build High” (AD 1008) (1991)


(Amherst, Massachusetts) — “It happens once, you think, ‘Bad Luck’ and move on; twice and it’s like, ‘What, is there a sign on my forehead?’; but three times, man, I think we must be cursed.” So says Pixies frontman Black Francis on the band’s seemingly never-ending stream of girl bassists beginning with Kim Deal, followed by Kim Shattuck, who was in turn followed by Paz Lenchantin.

“Each time we’ve formed or re-formed, all the guy bass players are, like, busy or something, so we pretty much get stuck with girls,” he explained.

“At least it’s not that important of an instrument,” the singer laughed. “I mean, imagine if it was a girl drummer or guitarist!”SAM_0376Editor’s Note: This was, oddly, part of the same batch of soul and jazz singles I got the weekend before last. Also among that group was a dozen or so Beatles and solo Beatles singles with cool home-made sleeves; I wasn’t really tempted, since I have them, but it was fun to see.

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