Pricing day at the charity shop…

bbs 1I really shouldn’t harp on about this, this is charity we’re talking about after all, but I was simply appalled to see a knackered Shirley Bassey live double Lp (and others) going for £5 (!) at the Red Cross in Hythe. Unbelievable.

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  1. i still read viz on a fairly regular basis (someone gives it to me – i wouldn’t buy it nowadays ha ha!), but i’ve long since given up on mrs brady old lady as i find it too cringeworthy… so never saw this!

    • As a treat, I buy VIZ whenever I go on long car or train journeys and when I see Annuals at chazzas for cheap. I got the one where this comic came from at the Oxfam in Folkestone for a pound. Oxfam is, of course, an ostensibly Christian organisation and the guy behind the counter said, “I always debate whether or not I should put these out since they’re so purile” to which I replied, “I always debate whether or not I should read them for the same reason”.

      • perhaps if he said he found them offensive it might justify his decision not to sell them, if not mine. but puerile? in any case, wouldn’t the money they took for whatever they sold (regardless of their opinion of it) help pay for the church roof or suchlike? bearing in mind these quandaries such people obviously go through, perhaps in future when you visit such places you should ask them what they think of people who tirelessly worked to raise millions of pounds for charities, and if they show great enthusiasm then mention “that was what jimmy savile used to do”…

      • Puerile: childishly silly and immature; as good a definition of VIZ as any. The guy was smiling as he said it, so I knew what he meant.

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