Early New Order Singles

SAM_0400I really liked the first few NO singles, but my keenness dropped of precipitously once they started taking Es and running dance clubs.


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  1. for once i think asbo and i agree: i too really liked their initial efforts, with “confusion” being the tail-off point for me (although they still came up with the odd goodie after that). i particularly loved “procession” (i can never remember which of the many early one-word-titled singles are which, so had i to look it up!), which i taped from a cheap and nasty hi-fi to my tape recorder via the crude method of sticking the speakers up against it. so it was really tinny, but that still didn’t stop me from listening to it on headphones over and over again! ps – i was living on the dole in a bedsit at the time which may have influenced that behaviour …

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