The Rolling Stones – “Start Me Up” b/w “No Use In Crying” (RS 21003) (1981)

SAM_0402One of the last great pieces of sexist Stones iconography, though I’m having difficulty putting my finger on exactly what constitutes “sexist” here. It just seems wrong somehow. Anyhow, the image originally appeared on the inner sleeve of what is generally regarded as their last great (or acceptable, depending on your level of worship) album, Tattoo YouSAM_0403Tattoo You was a big deal at the time. After the success of Some Girls, 1980’s Emotional Rescue had been something of a disappointment (though I still rate at least half of it), despite being their first UK #1 Lp since 1973. The band chose not to tour behind ER, unlike Some Girls, so, despite nearly two decades as the World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band®, it kinda felt like make or break time career-wise. Fortunately for them, Tattoo You delivered and with “Start Me Up”, they had their last great signature song. I picked this up last weekend for 50p–still sounds boss, as does the bluesier B.SAM_0404Apart from Mick ‘n’ Keith, none of the other Stones appear on the cover of Tattoo You; they’d tried a similar stratagem with Goat’s Head Soup, though on that one at least Bill, Charlie and Mick T. featured in the inner gatefold. Interesting for an act whose demeanor is so tied up with the notion of being a band, or better, a gang, that they promoted themselves as a two-man show.SAM_0405I got the Tatto You patch around 1981; however, it wasn’t sewn onto the obligatory Levis Jean Jacket until years later when Mrs Asbo did the honours. My youngest son rocks it these days.

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  1. rolling stones vinyl

    The Rolling Stones – “Start Me Up” b/w “No Use In Crying” (RS 21003) (1981) | Thrifty Vinyl

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