Stevie Wonder – Songs In the Key of Life (MSP 6002) (1976)

SAM_0407Routinely cited as “my favourite album” in celebrity polls, Songs In the Key of Life‘s populist charms have mostly eluded me. I once even owned a cool yellow vinyl version to up the ante, as it were. But no, I wasn’t having it and sold it on.
SAM_0408I saw this copy for a pound in Hythe a couple weeks ago and decided, since it looked in good nick and included the lyric/credits booklet and the “Something’s Extra” bonus ep, that it was time for another go.

Songs In the Key of Life booklet

Songs In the Key of Life booklet

I’ve only managed side one so far and though I think “Love’s In Need of Love” goes on far longer than it needs to, I’m liking what I hear.


The “Something’s Extra” bonus ep

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  1. the lead single from this “i wish” is in my opinion vying with “superstition” as the best thing stevie ever did, but otherwise i’ve never been that keen on him (never liked “sir duke” from this album much, nor “isn’t she lovely” – even though i was only exposed to the david parton cash-in cover ha ha!) so have never listened to this in its entirety despite having many opportunites to do so. i’m not surprised to hear that there’s some over indulgence going on, for as far as i’m concerned that seems to be the entire point of a double album (and i’ve yet to be proved otherwise). but in this case it seems even that wasn’t enough to sate stevie at the time, hence the bonus record… which surely could have been kept aside for his next album?
    by the way asbo, the spelling of said bonus 7″ (“a somethings extra”) has always intrigued me: is it a general common american expression, or is it strictly in the african-american vernacular?

    • Not sure if it’s widespread or just a Wonderism.

  2. I can often be found boring folks with how this record is the best 50p I’ve ever spent – and the EP wasn’t even in it.

  3. I got my copy for a pound but I have seen it priced up to a tenner in some charitable establishments.
    I encountered some more outrageous pricing yesterday – how soon is now by the Smiths 12″ in pretty average nick – only £33! I laughed a lot…

  4. Two copies of this at chez darcy. Both bought on initial release – by me and my (then unmet and unknown) wife. Such reasons will prevent me from ever passing either copy on although for me too it is not my favourite Stevie album and I think quite a few tracks go on too long.

    My favourite Stevie album? I sit on the fence with that – Music Of My Mind, Talking Book, and Innervisions could all lay claim.

    It’s funny though, as I get older Stevie’s voice tends to irritate me more and more. There is also a growing realisation that many of his tracks go on too long, perhaps that is because as I get older I realise time is running out and there is so much music still to listen to – so get on with it Stevie what does the next on have to offer?!.

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