Gregory Isaacs – “Soon Forward” b/w Gregory Isaacs & Prince Far I – “Uncle Joe” “Come Off Mi Toe” (FLS 12112) (1979)

From the Thrifty Vinyl Archives 1978SAM_0427VIRGIN TO LAUNCH REGGAE OFFSHOOT                     New Label Will Feature State-Of-The-Art Artwork

(London, England) — Virgin Records boss Richard Branson yesterday announced the formation of a subsidiary label, called Front Line, which is to be dedicated solely to the release of reggae music.

“It’s important that reggae gets the respect it deserves,” claimed Branson. “To that end, we will be releasing only high quality examples of the style.”

“As further evidence of our esteem,” he continued, “We will budget for the best cover art money can buy.”

Branson cited in particular Gregory Isaacs’ ‘Soon Forward’ 12″ single. “It’s obviously top drawer reggae, but just look at this design: observe how both the artist and song title are correctly spelled,” he noted with pride.

“See too,” the bearded business maven added, “that the catalog number and label IDs are integrated as part the overall look, whose ‘ruff and rugged stylee’ just screams ‘down yard’ to me.”

The Virgin owner also pointed out that the word ‘Reggae’ has been added parenthetically beneath the title, “in case there was any confusion as to the record’s genre.”

Johnny Rotten, who travelled to Jamaica to help Branson sign up reggae artists on the cheap, lauded Front Line’s aesthetics and says he hopes to use the design team on his new, yet-to-be-named band’s first unlistenable Lp.

SAM_0428 Editor’s Note: excellent roots 12″ includes dubs/toasts as well as the homemade sleeve, cost me a quid around last Xmas.

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