Patti Smith – “Because the Night” b/w “God’s Peed” (ARIST 181) (1978)

SAM_0432YOU ARSK, YOU ANSWER                                                           Thrifty Vinyl’s Interactive Trivia and Advice Page — Today it’s Patti v Patty and Smith v Smyth

Last week, an anonymous reader wrote to Thrifty Vinyl complaining that she couldn’t remember the difference between ’70s artistic New York singer-songwriter and poet Patti Smith and ’80s videogenic New York singer-songwriter and actress Patty Smyth. We asked readers if they could tell the difference and, if so, how. We were literally deluged with e-mails, so, with apologies to those whose letters we didn’t print, we present a small sampling of the scores of responses we received.  

  • …the obvious distinction of the ‘i’ and the ‘y’ denoting the ‘i’ phoneme in the respective ladies’ surnames always reminds me that ‘Y’ is the first letter of ‘you’, as if ‘You cannot be serious!’ which, as we all know, is the petulant catchphrase of tennis star John McEnroe, who is, wait for it…Patty Smyth’s husband. — Mary Smoked-Trout, Glyndebourne
  • …clearly, Patti Smith is an anagram of ‘Tim, pat this’ while Patty Smyth reveals ‘Ty, tap myths’ when jumbled. Easy as you like. — Peter Manorhousegrey, Edinburgh
  • …the iconic photograph of Robert Mapplethorpe on the cover of the Lp Horses is of one or the other of the two women, I think. —Karen Catspaw, Truro
  • …back in my day, we had a school yard chant to tell them apart. It went: ‘Patti with an ‘i’ wrote a song with The Boss/But Patty with the ‘y’ couldn’t give a toss/Alas her solo career couldn’t hold a candle/To her MTV band that she called Scandal’. — Candy Matchstick, Crewe. 
  • …like all women, I tell them apart by which one I’d shag. — Bob Ammonite, Teddington.

We hope that clears things up. Next week’s challenge comes from Anna Mole’s-Breath of Exeter. She asks, “What’s the difference between blues guitarists Albert King, B.B. King and Freddie King? By the way, I’m not a racist, I can tell some black people apart.” Good luck with that one readers. 

SAM_0433Editor’s Note: this is Thrifty Vinyl’s 750th post.

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  1. patti smith: definitely another “emperor’s new clothes” artist for me…

  2. I try every few years to like Horses, but, yeah, I just don’t get PS. I like this single a lot though.

  3. Patty Smyth is the one that brushes her hair. As for your other question, Freddie King is a big influence on Eric Clapton – er, but so are the other two.

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