Rolling Stones – “Mixed Emotions (Chris Kimsey’s 12″)” b/w “Fancyman Blues” (CBS 655193 8) (1989)

SAM_0438The previous few years sniping*, non-touring and solo Lps had threatened to put paid to any new Stones product; so, when this single (and parent Lp Steel Wheels) came out, it was greeted, despite annoyingly loud drums, as a welcome comeback for the Rolling Stones. No, it wasn’t “Brown Sugar” and Sticky Fingers, but at least it wasn’t “Winning Ugly” and Dirty Work.

These days, my most vivid memories associated with Steel Wheels were of the album’s non-Lp B-sides, “Cook Cook Blues” (from the “Rock and a Hard Place” single) and the “Mixed Emotions” flip, “Fancyman Blues”. My friend Jon and I used to play these Bs at a bar a few doors down from my place on Summit Street near the OSU campus. The name of the bar escapes me at the mo’, but I’ve been told it’s since become a lesbian club, or maybe it always was and has only recently come out.

The 12″ version of “Mixed Emotions” (or “Mick’s Emotions”, as one wag put it) is jumbled and, truth be told, a bit of mess, reminding us that Sixties survivors tended to be ill-served by the 80s remix. Not a particularly valuable piece, but, for a pound, I was quite pleased to find it this morning at the Wincheap boot fair.

*Asked when the bitching between him and Jagger was going to stop, Keith Richards is supposed to have replied, “Ask the bitch.”

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