The Miracle Mets (fclp3040) (1969)

SAM_0448A day late and a dollar short, but here is this ex-pat’s Independence Day post.
SAM_0450 The team derided mercilessly at the time, The Miracle Mets celebrates in documentary style the ’69 New York Mets unlikely success in the breathless fashion of a written-off underdog.
SAM_0449This Lp was gifted to me by a kind gent as I dropped off Asbo minor at a sleepover last night.

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  1. i always think it strange that baseball is a national obsession in america whilst the world’s favourite ball game “saaker” continues to struggle to catch on over there – hopefully the fantastic USA vs belgium match in the world cup the other day will help in that regard… although seeing as americans hate to lose in any manner, maybe not!

    • It was a great match. I was particularly gratified at what a “clean” game it was–Arjen Robben, I’m looking at you.

    • Soccer only attracts kids til the age of 12 over here. Once they get hooked on Football, the American version, soccer seems like a yawn. American football draws capacity crowds when played in Europe and in Japan.

      Baseball is really a pastime involving individual statistics, a pace all it’s own and tremendous strategy with no ties. Who wants to sit through 90 minutes of running up and down the field to get a nil to nil tie that’s broken by a shoot out. They should keep playing sudden death over time periods until there’s a winner. Unfortunately, TV schedules run everything.

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