Jackson Browne – Running On Empty (AS 53 070) (1977)

From the 1977 Thrifty Vinyl Archives SAM_0458JACKSON BROWN INVENTS ‘EARTH TONE-ROCK’

(Laurel Canyon, California) – We’ve had folk-rock, jazz-rock, and country-rock, never mind a score of other -rocks. Now, thanks to Jackson Browne, we’re got ‘Earth Tone-Rock’. With a musical and lyrical colour scheme that draws from a palette of browns, tans, warm grays, and greens, the California singer-songwriter seeks to comfort his listeners after the unsettling, revolutionary popular music of the past decade.

“I suppose with my name,” the duskily monikered musician joked, “It was inevitable that I’d invent ‘Earth Tone-Rock!”

Music fans who like to be warmed by subtle observations of the human condition, a cheery, burnished tenor voice and smooth harmonically rich melody should find much to admire in Jackson Browne.

Those who require something more aggressive and nihilistic should seek out what some have called “Shocking Pink Rock” as recently exported from the UK, such as the Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Buzzcocks.SAM_0461Editor’s Note: I always liked JB back in the day, though this was the only of his records I owned. I’d lost my original copy of Running On Empty years ago, so I was happy to replace it with this one, replete with booklet (pictured), last week. SAM_0460I had the chance to see Browne around the time of this record; in fact, my 12-year-old self had misheard my friend and thought he was inviting me to see James Brown (I didn’t actually know who Jackson Browne was) and so when I asked if I could go see the Godfather of Soul, my mother said absolutely not.Unknown

In other news, years later, I ruined the song “Rosie” for a friend’s girlfriend when I explained it was about self-pollution. That’s enough Jackson Browne anecdotes.

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  1. JB is a white area for me. I know he’s written good songs, what with his early Nico contributions. I have seen some of his records in crates, but generally later stuff like Lawyers in Love, and probably when I’ve found other records to satisfy me.
    If I find any early-mid 70’s of Jackson in a crate, I’ll be sure to pick it up.

    • I think any of the first four would be worthy of investigation if you like 70s Cali singer-songwriter stuff.

  2. can’t you take it back and get a refund?

    • Sure, legally I could. But it was a pound…at a charity shop.

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