Bruce Springsteen – “Born In the USA” b/w “I’m On Fire”, “Rosalita” and “Johnny Bye-Bye” (TA6342) (1984)

SAM_0473I’m off to the USA tomorrow for a family vacation. I would like to post, as usual, when I’m out there, but I’m not sure of the computer situation. Rest assured, however, that I will indeed be scouring for cheap vinyl product whatever thrifty stores and flea markets southern Massachusetts has to offer.

Incidentally, the 12″ above was purchased from a boot fair in Hythe for 50p; the contentious title track has been remixed (a 7-minute “Freedom Mix” [?!] by 80s post-production moron Arthur Baker) so the drums sound even more egregious than previously and what little subtlety lay in the Viet-Nam-vet-comes-home-desparate story is mown down in completely inappropriate electro stutter; “I’m On Fire” on the other hand, might be might favourite song on that divisive, yet massively popular, Lp.

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  1. ah, the borssssss! replace the s’s with an e and that’s what he is to me…

  2. I’m going to have to agree with that comment….

  3. What happened to thrifty vinyl? Come back, all is forgiven.

    • I was getting a little burned out but I’ll be posting soon–thanks for asking. 🙂

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