Geri Halliwell Completes Autobiography Trilogy With New Bombshell Revelation: Everything In First Two Autobiographies Was A Lie
(London, England) — With shocking candour, Geri Halliwell has written openly for the first time about the complete mendacity of If Only and Geri: Just for the Record, the former Spice Girl’s first two autobiographies.

“I truly believe my copious fabrications were a cry for help,” writes the erstwhile Ginger Spice in the introduction to her candid new autobiography, …And Nothing But the Truth.

“After the Spice Girls broke up”, she continues, “I had trouble getting away from that old ‘Ginger Spice’ persona, so I guess I tried to move on by lying repeatedly in my first two autobiographies about everything.”

“I am truly sorry to anyone who was caught up in my web of deceit,” a contrite Halliwell shares, “I’m sure you’ll understand why it happened, if you buy my new book this Christmas.”

…And Nothing But the Truth also details the ex-Girl Power advocate’s involvement in Bacchanalian group orgies, alien abduction and even murder. Fans are already buzzing about what Halliwell could possibly be holding back for the next instalment.

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  1. Spot-on satire! As a general rule, the number of autobiographies (ghost)written by a public figure stands in inverse proportion to their level of success at the time of publication. Katie Price, George Best, Christine Keeler are a few names that spring to mind. Of course, each successive volume has to promise to contain something that its predecessors did not.

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