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Carlos Santana/Mahavishnu John McLaughlin – Love Devotion Surrender (69037) (1973)

SAM_0634It takes some cojones to tackle John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”, but that’s exactly how Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin kick off their mega-spiritual Love Devotion Surrender. The pair goes on to bookend side one with a likewise heavy spiritual jazz response to JC’s anthem called “The Life Divine”. What must Santana fans have made of this?

Santana is, of course, no stranger to overplaying, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is, given its jazz-rock impetus, an all out note-fest at times, with none of the pop flavour of his titular band. And yet, in the context of a prayer offering to both the Divine and John Coltrane, such indulgence makes perfect sense. Something of a transmutation to the guitar of Coltrane’s “sheets of sound”, Love Devotion Surrender is held together harmonically by organist Larry Young, who allows Devadip and Mahavishnu to launch into note torrents, particularly on side two’s joyful “Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord”. And there is time for respite in the form of “Meditation” and another Coltrane cover, “Naima”; with what comes previously, both have the feel of post-coital cigarettes. A challenging and rewarding listen.

An original UK issue, with a gatefold cover, fantastic condish, only a pound.SAM_0633

"Sixeventies" Rock Albums P-R-O-G spells Prog

Pink Floyd – Relics (SRS 5071) (1971)

SAM_0632EMI’s compilation originally came out after Atom Heart Mother but before Meddle as a kind of stopgap. That this was an accountants’ move is borne out by the track list, which should have been a comprehensive round-up of singles, Bs and outtakes (eg where are “Apples and Oranges”, “Candy and a Current Bun”, “Point Me At the Sky”, “Scream Thy Last Scream”, “It Would Be So Nice”, “Vegetable Man”?). Excising album cuts “Interstellar Overdrive”, “Cirrus Minor”, “The Nile Song”, “Bike” and “Remember a Day” would have made space for the above (though the latter track was released as a single).*

Which is not to say Relics isn’t a good listen, it is; and, with the inclusion of “Interstellar Overdrive” (along with the similarly lengthy “Careful With That Axe, Eugene”, presented here in it’s b-side/studio version), it’s probably more representative of their psychedelic-era sound than a strictly 45s anthology would have been.

Sharp-eyed types will note that this is the original Starline issue of Relics, replete with textured cover and uncolored unlike later re-releases. And this VG+ gem was only a pound at the chazza this afternoon.

*It took 21 years for the album I’m proposing to come out and then it was a “bonus cd” on the Shine On box set called, somewhat prosaically if perfectly accurately, The Early Singles; note that there were no rarities on that disc, eg “Biding My Time” which featured on Relics.



One Year On 
“You’re Gonna Be Hearing Big Things From Industrial Cottage In 2014” Proved Oddly Unprophetic

(Columbus, Ohio)—An upbeat Jayson Parnell has delivered a positive assessment of the prospects for his indie-guitar band Industrial Cottage for the calendar year 2015.

“This is the year for IC!” he shouted to a capacity Ace of Spades crowd who’d come to see Nashville Pussy last night.

Yet it was only 370 days ago in front of a Paradise City club audience that singer/rhythm guitarist Parnell made similar claims for 2014, saying that was going to be “their year”, further erroneously stating, “You’re gonna be hearing big things from Industrial Cottage in 2014,”

“Given that he’s been so spectacularly wrong about 2014,” said Ace of Spades patron Tracy Warner, “I have my doubts about 2015 representing any sort of watershed for Industrial Cottage.”

Others have also greeted Parnell’s comments coolly: “IC still sends out CD demos with Cure covers on them,” laughed University Records clerk Garry Calvino. “How the hell is this going to be ‘the year’?” he asked rhetorically.

“And their Facebook page is gay,” Calvino sneered.

But Parnell remains convinced that this is the year at least in part because his band is appearing on a Devo tribute album, Devo-Evolution, released by Akron alternative rock station, KBBS.

“We do this awesome jangly take on ‘Girl U Want’,” he said. “They’re totally going send it out to industry types and play it on the ‘Loud and Local’ show, which is on Saturdays at midnight. Hopefully, it’ll get us a gig at South By Southwest.”

Shortly after yesterday’s unlikely onstage prediction, Parnell asked for the bassist from Nashville Pussy’s autograph on his guitar case.

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“It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll” b/w “Through The Lonely Nights” (RS 19114) (1974)


While I love the Stones’ famous apologia on the a-side, it was the non-Lp flip that caught my attention here and a fine county-style ballad it is too. Given it’s overall sound (esp. Mick T’s prominent ‘wah-wah’ guitar) and the fact that it was co-produced by Jimmy Miller, I wonder if “Lonely Nights” is from an earlier session, possibly those for Goat’s Head Soup; it made a much later appearance on the exceptionally feeble Rarities 1971-2003 compilation.  Many thanks to “Sue” for donating this to charity.