Pink Floyd – Relics (SRS 5071) (1971)

SAM_0632EMI’s compilation originally came out after Atom Heart Mother but before Meddle as a kind of stopgap. That this was an accountants’ move is borne out by the track list, which should have been a comprehensive round-up of singles, Bs and outtakes (eg where are “Apples and Oranges”, “Candy and a Current Bun”, “Point Me At the Sky”, “Scream Thy Last Scream”, “It Would Be So Nice”, “Vegetable Man”?). Excising album cuts “Interstellar Overdrive”, “Cirrus Minor”, “The Nile Song”, “Bike” and “Remember a Day” would have made space for the above (though the latter track was released as a single).*

Which is not to say Relics isn’t a good listen, it is; and, with the inclusion of “Interstellar Overdrive” (along with the similarly lengthy “Careful With That Axe, Eugene”, presented here in it’s b-side/studio version), it’s probably more representative of their psychedelic-era sound than a strictly 45s anthology would have been.

Sharp-eyed types will note that this is the original Starline issue of Relics, replete with textured cover and uncolored unlike later re-releases. And this VG+ gem was only a pound at the chazza this afternoon.

*It took 21 years for the album I’m proposing to come out and then it was a “bonus cd” on the Shine On box set called, somewhat prosaically if perfectly accurately, The Early Singles; note that there were no rarities on that disc, eg “Biding My Time” which featured on Relics.

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  1. Blimey, Pink Floyd vinyl for a pound at the Charity! My local thrift stores would have marked that one up to a tenner at least. I picked up a copy of Piper at the Gates for a quid a long while ago but those days have mostly long gone in these here parts.

    Anything Beatles, Bowie, Stones and Floyd etc etc gets the high price and high shelf behind the till treatment. I still manage to get the odd bargain with the more obscure stuff unfamiliar to the older mostly female custodians. Latest pound purchases have included Workbook by Bob Mould, Forever Now by the Psychedelic Furs and the Damned’s Black Album.

    • Yeah, chazza charging too much and the invasion of too many Johnny-Come-Latelys are the perennial bitches ’round these parts! Still, one can strike it lucky sometimes.

  2. Agreed, usually about timing – when some new stock arrives. One of my locals has just put price up to £3 for albums. I did point out that some are hideously scratched but the blanket pricing policy remains.
    I have not yet discovered the joy of a car boot (the early start puts me off at the weekend) but would imagine the vinyl revival has changed things there also?

    • Only once have I bothered taking a charity shop to task for over-charging; a scratched-to-fuck Bop Till You Drop was going for £5 at my local Red Cross and I pointed out that *nobody* was ever going to buy it. These people look online, see someone once paid £xx for something and think they’re experts. It is infuriating, especially if, like the pair of us apparently, you’re a cheapskate.

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