The Golden Sound of Motown (World Records) (1980)

SAM_0668I might not have picked this 8-Lp World Records box set were it not for the persuasiveness of the guy at the chaz selling said item. I know he knows what he’s talking about (and there was another record boffin there from whom I’ve purchased several items at boot fairs discussed in these pages), so when he reckoned these were excellent pressings (and the other chap confirmed its relative rarity), I was sold. Not that I needed that much selling, but £6 for 8 discs (how’s 75p per album for thrifty vinyl!) is not so bad.

I’ve only listened to the first two records and I can confirm that not only do they sound great, but are really well programmed.SAM_0669While this track listing on the inside of the box makes it look like a seven record set, there is a ‘bonus’ album included entitled The New Sound of Motown featuring Rick James, et al.SAM_0672Normally World Records has classier  graphics than those on display here. Perhaps the monumental nature of the task was simply overwhelming for the WR art department and they went for a fairly crass K-Tel look.SAM_0670In case there was any doubt as to the quality of the product…

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  1. Like it very much. Have not come across a box set before just many Motown chartbusters releases.

    Record Store Day has dawned. 9.30am and just had a quick look on eBay to see the Bowie releases are already there for 40 quid a pop amongst many others. Giving it a miss this year so will make a round of the local charity shops instead.

    • Yeah, the records themselves are in NM condish; a good buy.

  2. Have same of set for sale

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