Record Store Day 2015

SAM_0673After last year’s harsh dismissal (and subsequent retrenchment), I allowed myself to go whole hog for RSD 2015 and properly stand in the queue to buy retail product on the morning, viz. Jazzman’s 10″ 40s blues comp Party After Hours; the modernist jazz of Soho Scene ’62; the posthumous “Ghost Town” 7″ by kode9 and the spaceape; and finally, the complete ORK singles box set of early punk/new wave on Numero Group.

A good deal of the rationale for getting on board has to do with the fact that, unlike previous years, a record store exists in Folkestone, (Vintage & Vinyl*) 15 mins. away, run by friends from my village, who ordered the above for me; fortunately, I was early enough for them not to have been sold. The only disappointment was the unavailability in the UK of the RSD re-ish of the Family Way OST album by ex-Fab J.P. McCartney

How much did I blow? Let’s just say, if ever there was a time to re-name this blog Spendthrifty Vinyl, now would be it.

*In fact, there are now two record shops in Folkestone. The other one, with a truly excellent selection of alternativa, Hot Salvation, is just up the road from V&V.

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