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George Martin & His Orchestra – Off The Beatle Track (PMCO 1227) (1964)

SAM_0692John wrote some droll liners and admits, apparently honestly, that ‘us Beatles are genuinely flattered that a “real musician”…should turn his talents to arranging an Lp of our songs’.  He was a bit harsher in later years. I believe the appalling title was under consideration for an actual Beatles record (maybe the first one), before Martin snaffled it.

By dint of their producer’s involvement, the represents one of the more legitimate Fab cash-ins; however, string heavy, with hints of middle-brow jazz, it’s simply too straight to be of more than passing interest to a non-Beatles collector. To be kind, it might find favour in the supermarkets and elevators of 1960s America. SAM_0694This cost me £2 today in Hythe. The sleeve of this rare Australian issue is a bit knackered but vinyl plays VG+.