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Sisters Sledge – Circle of Love (K50097) (1975)

SAM_0762Since Messers Edwards and Rodgers prized a cool, almost mechanical vocal approach, the Sisters’ later, very popular Chic Organization-produced Lps, effectively disguised what fabulous soul singers they were. Featuring surprisingly tough music and, given their tender ages, remarkably mature singing, the Sledges’ strong, well-programmed début seems to have had a lot of care and attention lavished on it. Touches of Philly Soul colour proceedings to dramatic effect. If early period soul-disco is your thing, buy with confidence–What a great record!SAM_0763From the same pound-a-piece batch as the Eno below.

Albums Electronical Soundtracks

Music For Films III (LAND04) (1987)

SAM_0761As I listen, I sense some of the same icy grandeur of Eno and Lanois’ earlier ambient gem Apollo and Bowie’s Low; however, technology had moved on from the previous work and the feel is somehow less resonant, less moving. Enjoyable nonetheless (especially the Satie touches) and only a pound from Hythe chaz.

7 inchers Jazz

Thelonious Monk – ‘Hankensack’ b/w ‘Bye-Ya’ (AAG 172) (1963)

SAM_0758Monk revisits a pair of classics adding a more pronounced R&B flavour to this relatively late single, uncoupled from the Monk’s Dream Lp, purchased from Age Concern in Folkestone for a quid.

7 inchers 80s Albums New Wave

The Attractions – Mad About the Wrong Boy (XXLP8)/Steve Nieve – Theme Music From the Film ‘Outline of a Hairdo’ (COMB1) (1980)

SAM_0751Graphic designer Barney Bubbles runs amok on this ‘solo’ Lp by Elvis Costello’s Attractions. Would that such an exceptionally weak ‘new wave’ record merited our Colin’s over-the-top efforts. Simply put, it’s as poorly sung and written an album as anyone with as much talent as the Attraction possess that you’re likely to hear–truly, the band’s abilities lie elsewhere. SAM_0750An overload of visual japes and absurdity abound.SAM_0752Kookiness and kitsch in ample portions.SAM_0754Steve Nieve assembles a phalanx of keyboards, enough to gag Rick Wakeman, for this instrumental faux soundtrack ep included with the (already generously packed 16 track) album. Fans of EC’s ‘Shot With His Own Gun’ et al. will recognise Nieve’s opulent Romantic style; he never met a glissando he didn’t like. Note that Bubbles appropriates the pianist’s image from the near-contemporary Get Happy!!!SAM_0755
SAM_0753Without vocals to distract, the ep is the slightly better bet.

But for fans of both Bubbles’ work and of paying £1 for their records in Folkestone, this package will do nicely.