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Cross Country (SD 7024) (1973)

SAM_0772Post-sixties folk-rock on ATCO heavily indebted to CSN. Only been through side one, but it’s not nearly as weedily soft-rock as I’d feared.SAM_0773

There’s a startlingly delicate take on ‘In the Midnight Hour’ which seems to typify Cross Country’s approach: begin with gentle finger picking, add whispy three-part harmony, then gradually build the instrumentation to a mellow climax. It’s generally effective, and in a way designed not to inflict any harshness on the THC-enhanced brain.

Apart from session guys Hugh McCracken and Eric Weissberg, I didn’t recognise any of the participants in Cross Country.SAM_0770

Vintage inner bags for this US edition of the trio’s lone Lp, a gatefold cover no less.


This cost an incredible £2 in Hythe yesterday.