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Thrifty Vinyl documents randomly the literal cheap thrills of UK charity store and boot fair crate-digging.

Before music on demand came to tyrannise and overwhelm, before bonus discs of demos, alternate mixes, alternate takes, live takes and outtakes muddied the waters, before “revelatory digital remastering” and other such technical folderol existed to sham the popular music consumer, unalloyed vinyl records meted out chunes in rational doses.

Thrifty Vinyl comments on the style and substance of a diverse range of these records, including kitsch artifacts, charity shop staples and cool collectables, picked up on the cheap. Criticism may take the form of straightforward review, shorthand redaction, a recount of the circumstances of purchase or a more humorously oblique approach, such as a bogus news item or sly short story. There is occasional lively and good-natured debate.

It is an amusing distraction from the sure knowledge of life’s arbitrary but unceasing vortex towards moral, spiritual and, ultimately, physical nothingness.

Published on August 19, 2009 at 7:23 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. “senile ramblings of a couple of clueless, miserly old gits”

    Make that a trio.

  2. good point, well made…

  3. Hi,
    My boss is Dave Wharin and we have seen him mentioned a few times on your site. Please could you get in touch, we’d like to pick your brains! We are looking for some info for a special occasion.

  4. Hi. I would VERY much like an mp3 version of The Bitch soundtrack. Would this be possible? Its is to be burned onto cd for a friend for Christmas. thanks

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