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Television – Prove It/Venus (12 inch, green vinyl)

Good day car booting in Yeovil yesterday – resulting in a pile of Prog/funk and this green monster of a disc from 1977.  Television were/are one of my favorite bands from this period by far – and if you have not already worn out a copy of Marquee Moon – then man what’s wrong with yah.  This disc brings 2 tracks from that LP in to wide-grooved loudness – essential listening !!   If you like this please go and grab yourself the first 2 LPs – the Eno Bootleg (if you can find it) – all the Tom Verlaine solo stuff – and then on an associated sort of link Blank Generation from Richard Hell …   that should annoy the neighbors !

Albums Reggae

Reggae Hits – John Whitehead and his Orchestra

An unexpected amazing find of a disc here.  Unable to find anything whatsoever about it on the web – even the entry on Discogs for the ‘les treteaux’ label is missing an entry for this release (LP 6433).  Not even sure if this is the same John Whitehead that released numerous records with Gene McFadden – and wrote stacks of tracks for the O’Jays ?  Anyone out there know anything about this disc ??

What I can tell you however is that it contains some very tasty versions of reggae standards including an almost note-for-note rendition of Johnathon Richmans – Egyptian Reggae (which the 5 year old in the house now demands be played on a daily basis !!).   Even the covers of uncle Bob Marley ‘Jamming’ is dead good – despite this being a track I can barely stand these days due to total exposure-burn-out !!

The versions of Barbados and Up Town Top Rankin are simply great – no question…  just wish I knew a bit more about the production team/players etc …

Oh and it even features a version of ‘Johny Reggae’ – should please Nick that one for sure !!


Logic – Logic System

From discogs :::

“Logic System is a musical project of Hideki Matsutake. Hideki started as an assistant for Isao Tomita in the 70’s and is well-known as the sequencer programmer and modular synthesizer operator for the Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), but he wasn’t a member of YMO. He worked on several of their albums and toured with his huge collection of synths. He also did sequencing work for numerous technopop albums for other artists, particularily in the early 80’s.”

So what do get here ? – a classic slab of 80s Japanese electro-pop that’s what – pop-pickers.   There are some moments on here of pure arpeggiated bliss (if that is your cup-of-lfos!) …   vocoded vocal madness …. twee jap-pop ….  and drone-lushness … oh yeah – and the odd filler – but who’s complaining ….

If you like early-era electro-pop – and lets face it – who in there right mind doesn’t – then this is essential listening …  dare I say it twice in one day – CLASSIC – no shit !!

Oh yeah – almost forgot to mention – the main musicians are listed on the sleeve as – Micro Computer MC-8 (Processor 8080) and TR-808 – can’t get any better than that lets face it !!


2000 Words in the English Language Frequently Mispronounced – Spoken by Carlton Hobbs

Look mate – if you don’t bleedin well get those goddam words aht the way them meant to be – I’ll ave-yah – fink oim jokin loike – don’t give me that zummerzit twang matey – standup straight – use those lungs – speak the BBC-english propaaahhh way – NOW !!  

2000 werdzzz – yep – you have it in full – 2000 words that MATTAHHH … split into categories ranging from let me see now – oh yeah A-Z that’s it ….   

A classic break-beat-groove for the post-industrial generation – just in time for the royal wedding – at which U-WILL-BE-JUDGED – by nothing more than how you pronounce abattoir !!  

This disc is THAT IMPORTANT !!!  TRUST ME – I’m a speech-therepist – ain’t oi!!


Miha Kralj – Odyssey

Found this yesterday – looking all lonely next to a bunch of cheesy brass-band LPs – and with a track listing of follows – who wouldn’t have grabbed it ??

01 Odyssey (18:50)
02 Erotic Space (5:02)
03 Jupiter (7:45)
04 Computor (3:45)

I suspect I should know a little about this release – as it seems to be some sort of missing link in the eastern-european evolution of electronic Tangerine Dram style dablings – and mid 80s electro – but never heard of it or him before !!

There seems very little info on the web – although second-hand prices for this LP seem pretty high – here is something I have found however – anyone have any further gump – please add !!

He used to be in a group called Dekameroni, sort of one-hit-wonder band in Slovenia, they spawned a hit called Sava Sumi (written by Miha), which was covered several times during these years (originally it was recorded somewhere round 1970, sounded like Procol Harum).

Then he was in a band called Prah (Eng.Dust). They had few hits like Urska, Balada, Sezona senc and Halo Natasa (this one is from 1980, I believe).

Later on (mid 80s) he collaborated with a band called Black&White, playing keyboards on their biggest hit Prisluhni skoljki (written by Mr.Jani Golob). It was main theme from some teenage Flashdance-like Slovenian movie. It also sounds like being written by Moroder.

Afterwards his only moderately successful song was called Zemlja klice SOS. Now, he’s reported being dance club musician, occasionally entertaining together with ex-singer from a group called Moulin Rouge.


Superman and other Disco Hits – A Disco Trip with Doc Powerhouse

Picked this up yesterday along with a bunch of prog from the likes of Camel and Barlay James Harvest.  Not expecting much from this one – but man – what a bleedin surprise.  Hidden behind this lo-budget sleeve are a collection of slammin disco tunez all loosely based around movie themes ofthe period.  The period in question being 1978 no less – this is the original German pressing on the Europa label – it seems it was later picked up, repackaged and bunged out on the uber-budget label Pickwick a year or so later.

About half the stuff on this thing is throw-away formulatic disco-by-numbers, but heck it is worth the price-tag (70 new pennies) for the simply amazing 2001 (Also sprach Zarathustra) funktastic workout – which must be a contender for the most laid-back-grooving bassline of all-time (trust me on this one pop-pickers).   And….   by the time you have let the needle reach the side 1 closers of ‘Close Encounters’ followed by the grinding ‘Mountain Funk’ – your wig will well and truly be ON!!

Classic !!


Elka Elkatone 700

OK – in line with the previous post – another totally out of the court post for yah.   You see yesterday morning I managed to score one of these amp/speaker combos – a classic from the 80s – link to thrifty vinyl you ask ??

Well you see this babe contains a 100 watt treble horn and 100 watt bass horn – both driven by loud-as-frig amps – now you see these horns are Leslie-style spinners – revolving – giving that classic Hammond-a-ramma phased effect – so plug in your hammond-esque keyboard – or noise-generator of choice and wig-out …

Normal service will be resumed once I stop annoying the neighbors/wife/kids ..


Brass Strings and Beautiful Things

A selection of stuff from the awesome Telefunken label – picked it up for the Klaus Wunderlich track due to the use of a Moog – all the other numerous Wunderlich Lps I own (and there are far too many) – all have him tinkling along on standard organ – this one sees him laying down some phat-moog-bass before sprikling it with drums and organ – niiicceee,

The rest of the LP is to put it mildly a very mixed bag – including a rather creepy ‘Greensleeves’ where for some unkown reason the bass player thinks it is funk-track whilst everyone else sticks to smulch !!

Also contains a couple rather pitiful Beatles covers – but a rather rousing ‘ Day by Day’ (orchestral-stylee).. !!


Sweet Sounds of Bert Weedon’s Guitar

It’s Bert Weedon innit….   Back in the heady pre-punk days us struggling guitarist fell into two learning-camps – those who used the Beatles Complete to later become wimpy-wristed rhythm guitarists – or those who had the Learn-in-a-Day Bert-W books to become neck-shredding metal-riffing monsters ….   I had the Beatles book  – go figure !!

This supa-smooth disc with the eye-catching sleeve on the mighty CONTOUR label give a romantic trawl through some slickly-played classics – who can’t help but get all watery eyed to six-string-versions of such classics a ‘Love Story’, ‘Lauras Theme’ not to mention the earth-shaking ‘Its Impossible’.

All tunes on the LP specially chosen by Bert due to being the most popular form his cabaret and theatrical appearances…   slammin (in a smoochy sort of way) !

Remember kids – we own this stuff – so you don’t have to …!


Pepe Jaramillo – South of the Boarder

Liner Notes:
“For some years now Pepe Jaramillo has been one of the most popular artistes in Mexico, and in addition, he has performed in various cities of South America and the United States. He was born in the state of Chihuahua, that part of Mexico which contains the upper stretches of the western Sierra Madre. his love of music and his talent for playing it seem to have been inherited from his mother ; at any rate, Pepe began playing the piano when he was only four, working at first entirely by ear, but later – after he had grown up – studying at the Conservatory of Music in Mexico City. Like so many parents, Pepe’s father and mother looked on music as a hazardous career, and, while they were happy that their son should make it his hobby, they wanted him to become a dentist. To please them Pepe studied dentistry at the University of Mexico, but after a couple of years he decided this could never be his profession. As his parents insisted that he get some kind of degree, he attended the school of banking, eventually returning to Chihuahua with a degree in banking and secretarial practice.
Pepe worked for a couple of years with a British mining company, spending most of his vacation in Mexico City and, when that job finished, he went back to the capital. There a stroke of luck occurred which changed his entire life. He was having some drinks with a few friends in the bar of the Ritz, the most fashionable hotel in Mexico City, when they noticed there was a piano in the room. “Why don’t you play it?” asked his friends, so Pepe sat down and started to entertain them. “Presently the manager came over,” recalls Pepe “and asked if I was a professional pianist. “No,” I told him, “just playing for my own amusement.” When the manager asked if he would like a job performing at the hotel, Pepe thought he was kidding, but decided to keep the joke up. “Well,” he said, “if you can pay me what I want, maybe I will”. To his astonishment the manager replied, “Come in tomorrow and we’ll talk things over”.
that is how Pepe Jaramillo became a professional pianist, and for the next three years he performed at he Ritz bar. During that time he also appeared regularly on Radio and TV, as well as being in demand to accompany various singers who visited Mexico City. (He has worked with a great many of the most famous Latin-American and Spanish artists). When Pepe finally left the Ritz, it was to go into a new club – El Quid a very smart restaurant-bar, where he played right up to the moment he would like to see something of the world outside South and North America. After coming to Europe he spent a few months in Paris, then crossed the Channel and come to London early in 1958. Since then he has appeared on radio and TV in this country – including ABC-TV’s weekly ‘Sentimental Journey’ programme – and made his recording debut here with his popular ‘Mexico Tropicale’ LP. Since then he has made many successful records.”

And – a very nice grooving selection of bongo-laden, guitar strumming, piano tinkling latin rhythms they indeed are – mmmmmm – NICE !!