10 inchers Electronical

kode9 + the space ape – “kingstown [vox]” b/w “kingstown [dub]” HYP003 (2005)

The first 10" to feature the space ape; Gordon's previous single was under the pseudonym 'daddi g', swapped presumably to avoid confusion with the similarly named chap from Massive Attack.
The first 10″ to feature the space ape; Gordon’s previous single was under the pseudonym ‘daddi g’, swapped presumably to avoid confusion with the similarly named chap from Massive Attack.

Yesterday comes the news that the space ape, aka daddi g, aka Stephen Samuel Gordon has died. The above 10″ was given to me as a birthday present from my friend Nick, late of this parish, and began (along with DMZ’s “Officer”) a half decade immersion in modern electronic music.

I would come home from work at lunch and crank kode9 + the space ape’s single, “Backward” in particualar as a way of clearing the cobwebs, Gordon’s deep apocalyptic and paranoid intonations paradoxically giving me strength to keep going. RIP.

10 inchers Folk

Shoreline – From Eden, Home & In Between (YES001) (2006)

SAM_032310″ worth of quirky butterfly’s kiss folk on short-lived Yesternow Recording Co. An unlikely charity shop find, but there we are. Several things caught the eye here: the size, date, distributor (Baked Goods, who also work with Tectonic) and location (Ducie House in Manchester, late [and future?] home of Blood & Fire). 50p at the Cheriton Mind store this afternoon when I was dealing with tiresome mobile phone issues.SAM_0324

10 inchers Dance Reggae

Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman – “Never Tell You” b/w “Version” (Burial Mix BM-01)

R&SWow, the first ever Burial Mix 10″!

To be honest, this is real connoisseur’s stuff that I would never have expected to find in amongst Steve Miller and Culture Club records at the Folkestone Flea Market. For those out of the know, Rhythm & Sound are technically adept Berlin duo Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus in their reggae guise. Reggae in the loosest sense, for, while featuring reggae/dancehall vocalists, this might more accurately be described as minimalist, narcotic electronic dub music. It is distinctive and instantly recognisable. I’m not that much into their Basic Channel stuff, but I’ve got several other R & S 10″‘s as well as their w/ the artists and the versions Lps.

Von Oswald also does lots of work for Honest Jon’s as artist, curator and engineer (at renowned Dubplates & Mastering).

10 inchers

West Norwood Cassette Library – WNCL001



The Thrifty Vinyl guide to blagging new dance singles for free :

1) Befriend talented but unsigned recording artist on internet.

2) Patiently wait a couple of years, until said artist decides to start own label, all the while providing steady encouragement and ego-massaging whenever necessary.

3) Wait for postman to deliver beautifully designed 10″ single. Slap on turntable and enjoy groovy-bleepy-bassy-dubstep sounds.

Or alternatively, just buy it here. Or here.