12 inchers Disco

Sheila & B.Devotion – ‘Spacer’ b/w ‘Don’t Go’ (CAR128T) (1979)

SAM_0741I don’t usually go for faceless 70s Eurodisco. But this particular piece of blankly sung Gallic nonsense (“He’s a spacer/he’s a star chaser”) was ‘written, arranged and conducted by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rogers’, so that changes everything. Coming towards the end of the pair’s purple patch and therefore not as muscular or catchy as the very best of Chic Organization productions (the Guardian, nonetheless, placed the b-side among the top 10 Edwards/Rogers chunes), this is still very recognisably Chic-y and, for one pound to the charity shop in Hythe this afternoon, represents good value for money.

NB: Check out the ’12 inches [sic] Single’ notice in the lower right hand corner.

12 inchers Dance Electronical

Etienne De Crecy ‎– ‘Prix Choc (Mixes)’ (SLD 011) (1998)

SAM_0697Etienne De Crecy’s ambient house masterpiece Super Discount was one of those game changers for me. And it still holds up. This white label promo of ‘Prix Choc’, featuring different mixes by La Funk Mob and De Crecy himself, is nowhere near as essential, but still makes for lovely chilled listening. The former (‘Ultrabright Mix’) is almost unrecognisable while the latter (‘Ultradark Mix’) relies even more heavily than the Lp version on a Bob Marley sample for its groove. £2 at Pilgrim’s Hospice in Canterbury today.

12 inchers Reggae

Mykall Roze – ‘Bad Boy’ X-Act Remix b/w ‘Cold Girls’, ‘Bad Boy’ Yard Mix (E111)

SAM_0680Despite last weekend’s RSD profligacy, I visited several Ashford chazzas after dropping Asbo elder off at the train station this morning and was rewarded with this tasty dubbed up twelve from former Black Uhuru lynchpin Michael Rose and ubiquitous producers Sly & Robbie on their TAXI imprint for one quid at Oxfam. More X-Terminator than Trojan, but well worth it, as I would tell you.

12 inchers Electronical Hip Hop Spoken Word

Keith LeBlanc – ‘No Sell Out’ (12 IS 165)

SAM_0677Now this is starting to get a bit spooky. No sooner do I purchase Keith LeBlanc’s EDM agitprop, cut-up 12″ of Malcolm X bon mots yesterday for 50p (EX+) at Cats’ Protection in Hythe than the incendiary Civil Rights leader is assassinated, fifty years ago.

SAM_0679The Autobiography of Malcolm X was a firm favorite of my youth, the man was an inspiration (a kind of Rolling Stones to MLK’s Beatles, to be eye-rollingly glib about it) and seemed on the verge of even greater understanding when he was killed, making his loss all the more tragic.

‘No Sell Out’ stands up surprisingly well, yes it’s v. 80s, but it still sounds pretty rich; and, of course, X’s rhetoric is just as thrilling as ever.

12 inchers 80s Americana Punk

The Replacements – “I Will Dare” b/w “20th Century Boy” and “Hey Good Lookin'” (TTR-8440) (1984)

SAM_0589On the precise 30th (!) anniversary of the ‘Mats breakthrough Let It Be, a reminder of what a buck could get you in the used record store bins (specifically Magnolia Thunderpussy) back in the late 80s.SAM_0590The Bolan cover is arguably better than the original, the Hank, much less so.

12 inchers Classic Rock

Bruce Springsteen – “Born In the USA” b/w “I’m On Fire”, “Rosalita” and “Johnny Bye-Bye” (TA6342) (1984)

SAM_0473I’m off to the USA tomorrow for a family vacation. I would like to post, as usual, when I’m out there, but I’m not sure of the computer situation. Rest assured, however, that I will indeed be scouring for cheap vinyl product whatever thrifty stores and flea markets southern Massachusetts has to offer.

Incidentally, the 12″ above was purchased from a boot fair in Hythe for 50p; the contentious title track has been remixed (a 7-minute “Freedom Mix” [?!] by 80s post-production moron Arthur Baker) so the drums sound even more egregious than previously and what little subtlety lay in the Viet-Nam-vet-comes-home-desparate story is mown down in completely inappropriate electro stutter; “I’m On Fire” on the other hand, might be might favourite song on that divisive, yet massively popular, Lp.

12 inchers Reggae

Clint Eastwood & General Saint – “Stop That Train” b/w “Monkey Man” (12 OINK4) (1983)

SAM_0445Knackered cover, VG vinyl for pop-reggae twelve. Actually, the b-side is pretty tuff, so that’s the one I’ll be sticking with. This morning’s one pound chair moistener from Wincheap boot fair.

12 inchers 80s Classic Rock

Rolling Stones – “Mixed Emotions (Chris Kimsey’s 12″)” b/w “Fancyman Blues” (CBS 655193 8) (1989)

SAM_0438The previous few years sniping*, non-touring and solo Lps had threatened to put paid to any new Stones product; so, when this single (and parent Lp Steel Wheels) came out, it was greeted, despite annoyingly loud drums, as a welcome comeback for the Rolling Stones. No, it wasn’t “Brown Sugar” and Sticky Fingers, but at least it wasn’t “Winning Ugly” and Dirty Work.

These days, my most vivid memories associated with Steel Wheels were of the album’s non-Lp B-sides, “Cook Cook Blues” (from the “Rock and a Hard Place” single) and the “Mixed Emotions” flip, “Fancyman Blues”. My friend Jon and I used to play these Bs at a bar a few doors down from my place on Summit Street near the OSU campus. The name of the bar escapes me at the mo’, but I’ve been told it’s since become a lesbian club, or maybe it always was and has only recently come out.

The 12″ version of “Mixed Emotions” (or “Mick’s Emotions”, as one wag put it) is jumbled and, truth be told, a bit of mess, reminding us that Sixties survivors tended to be ill-served by the 80s remix. Not a particularly valuable piece, but, for a pound, I was quite pleased to find it this morning at the Wincheap boot fair.

*Asked when the bitching between him and Jagger was going to stop, Keith Richards is supposed to have replied, “Ask the bitch.”

12 inchers Beatles Related

Paul McCartney – “Birthday”, “Good Day Sunshine”, “P.S. I Love You” and “Let ‘Em In” (12R6271) (1990)

SAM_0430To wish Sir Paul Happy Birthday by posting one of the most pointless live releases of one of the ‘White Album”s most obvious makeweights might seem a trifle unkind, but it’s genuinely meant and still makes a kind of sense.

12 inchers Reggae

Gregory Isaacs – “Soon Forward” b/w Gregory Isaacs & Prince Far I – “Uncle Joe” “Come Off Mi Toe” (FLS 12112) (1979)

From the Thrifty Vinyl Archives 1978SAM_0427VIRGIN TO LAUNCH REGGAE OFFSHOOT                     New Label Will Feature State-Of-The-Art Artwork

(London, England) — Virgin Records boss Richard Branson yesterday announced the formation of a subsidiary label, called Front Line, which is to be dedicated solely to the release of reggae music.

“It’s important that reggae gets the respect it deserves,” claimed Branson. “To that end, we will be releasing only high quality examples of the style.”

“As further evidence of our esteem,” he continued, “We will budget for the best cover art money can buy.”

Branson cited in particular Gregory Isaacs’ ‘Soon Forward’ 12″ single. “It’s obviously top drawer reggae, but just look at this design: observe how both the artist and song title are correctly spelled,” he noted with pride.

“See too,” the bearded business maven added, “that the catalog number and label IDs are integrated as part the overall look, whose ‘ruff and rugged stylee’ just screams ‘down yard’ to me.”

The Virgin owner also pointed out that the word ‘Reggae’ has been added parenthetically beneath the title, “in case there was any confusion as to the record’s genre.”

Johnny Rotten, who travelled to Jamaica to help Branson sign up reggae artists on the cheap, lauded Front Line’s aesthetics and says he hopes to use the design team on his new, yet-to-be-named band’s first unlistenable Lp.

SAM_0428 Editor’s Note: excellent roots 12″ includes dubs/toasts as well as the homemade sleeve, cost me a quid around last Xmas.