Exotic Pylon Radio Broadcasts

Thrifty Vinyl vs. Exotic Pylon

Following on Ekolad‘s noisy broadside with musical compadre Bass Clef a couple weeks ago, there’s a Prince Asbo curated session on Exotic Pylon scheduled for Friday 4th November from 2 to 4pm. This exclusive mix features many songs actually mentioned in Thrifty Vinyl posts! EP’s Jonny Mugwump is a busy guy so you will want to keep up to date at Exotic Pylon to make sure the thing comes off.

If you have other obligations between 2 and 4, you can download the broadcast shortly after it’s, uh, broadcast right he-ah.

Exotic Pylon Radio Broadcasts

Exotic Pylon v. Thrifty Vinyl – Rescheduled for 7th September at 10pm

Apologies beyond reckoning for jerking loyal readers around like so many yo-yos. Mr Mugwump assures me that, this time for real, the semi-regular clash between our two media outlets will occur NEXT week. Please tune in.

Exotic Pylon Radio Broadcasts

Thrifty Radio Mix #2

The latest Thrifty Mix is featured on Fnoob radio tonight, as part of our regular monthly contribution to the Exotic Pylon show, starting at 10pm GMT.

Tracklist, with associated links, will follow soon…

Exotic Pylon Radio Broadcasts

Exotic Pylon Mix – Download and Tracklist

In case you missed our mix on Exotic Pylon’s radio broadcast last week, the show is now available as a download from here.  Well done Farmer Glitch for putting it all together, and many thanks to Jonny Mugwump for indulging and encouraging us.  If all goes to plan we’ll be doing another one next month.

Here’s a complete 100% accurate tracklist for our section of the show, complete with links to the original blog posts for anyone curious to know where these sounds came from…

Miha Kralj – Odyssey / John Glenn in Friendship 7 – Man in Orbit
Kenny Everett – Captain Kremmen (Extract)
Biddu – Chic Chica Chic Chica Chic
David Essex – Street Fight
Mikis Theodorakis – Penia
Los Dourados – Jungle Fantasy
Sarr Band – Double Action
Russ Henderson & His Carribean Boys – West Indian Drums
Deco Disco with Camp Galore – Ballin’ The Jack
Disco Top Pop II – Hocus Pocus
Pete Winslow – Don’t Stop Me
Andy Fairley – A Nation Responds

Exotic Pylon Radio Broadcasts

Thrifty Mix On Exotic Pylon

This is a quick note to let all you Thrifty fans out there know that we have a special guest mix on the Exotic Pylon radio show tomorrow night (Wednesday 23rd March at 10pm GMT). Featuring a selection of tunes from the many records we’ve featured here over the past couple of years, this is a shorter version of what would’ve been ‘Thrifty Bits Vol.2’, if we’d ever actually recorded it. Hopefully we will be providing a regular monthly 20-30 minute mix for the show.

More details here.

Exotic Pylon Radio Broadcasts

On The Radio

Just a quick note to let regular readers know that two of this blog’s contributors will be playing a live ‘double-bill’ on independent radio station Resonance FM this Saturday 11th September ( Exotic Pylon show, 9.30-11pm GMT).

We both make experimental improvised electronic music, myself as Ekoplekz and Farmer Glitch is one half of Hacker Farm.

It should be an interesting evening, so please tune-in if you can. The station broadcasts on 104.4 FM in the Greater London area and streams live on the internet too.