Thrifty Bits

Thrifty Bits 'sleeve'

Yes, I know we’ve stated before that there will be no MP3 sharing on this site, but it was starting to become apparent that some sort of sonic statement needed to be made. What follows is the first Thrifty Vinyl mixtape; a selection of tunes from some of the records featured on the site so far, segued together into an hour-long audio adventure that we hope will amuse, intrigue and inspire.

Stream the mix below –

Thrifty Vinyl – Thrifty Bits by farmerglitch

Tracklist (click on track titles to view the original blog entries that featured them…)

1. F.C Judd – Electronic Sounds and Effects for Electronic Music
2. Jimi Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner (Live in LA 1970)
3. Fausto Papetti – Meeting
4. Victor C. Lewis. – Bird Recognition (An Aural Index)
5. Klaus Wunderlich – Canari-Cha-Cha
6. Anarchic System – Popcorn
7. Sylvia – Pussycat
8. The Glitter Band – Angel Face
9. Jack Larson – I Love The Way She Laughs
10. Bedlam – The Beast
11. Abdul-Karim Al-Azawi – Tabl Improvisation
12. George Blackmore – Fly Me To The Moon
13. Geoff Love – Space Patrol
14. Cameron – Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
15. Unknown – Born to be Wild
16. House Crew – We Are Hardcore
17. Steven Smith & Father – The Third Man Theme
18. Sue Wilkinson – You Gotta Be A Hustler If You Wanna Get On
19. The Islanders – Lie Stone Dead in the Market
20. BWD Productions – Johnny Reggae
21. Los 3 Sudamericanos – El Funeral Del Labrador
22. Surprise Sisters – La Booga Rooga
23. Danny Hodgson – All Of Me
24. Tony Back – Star Wars
25. Space DJs – Celestial Funk
26. Alan Haven – In The Still Of The Night
27. Rose Murphy – I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
28. Claude Denjean – Come Together
29. Derek Cox and his Trio – Something

Love and thanks to our friend 2nd.Fade for the conceptual album sleeve. We hope one or two listeners out there might actually construct their own hard format version of this mixtape using the graphics provided.

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