John Mayall – Cursade (Decca LK 4890 / Stereo)

Second up from the recent bag load of rare 60s blues – comes this storming slab of wax from John Mayall and his Blues Breakers.  Quite a little super-group for sure here – with a young Mick Taylor on lead-guitar and John McVie providing a rock-solid bass.  This is a much more polished – but somehow raw – set of blues than the previous disc.  Each track actually comes with the key it is recorded in – so that you can strap on your own axe and let rip at home (if you are that way inclined) …

What is nice about this sort of disc is the fact that all the tracks were recorded in 1 single session on 12th July 1967 – all 12 numbers – and man they sound as fresh today as I am sure they did back then.

As the manifesto states o the back cover…

The time is now ripe for you Blues devotees to make your presence known.  Demand recognition for your music!  It is time for a major blues crusade!

Angry words for an angry time (and I thought back then it was meant to be all peace, love and understanding ?


Various – Raw Blues (Ace of Clubs 1967/Mono)

This week I have scored, for no more than 50 pence each, 4 LPs that simply should not be turning up in scruffy-down-at-heel thrift stores in down-town Yeovil.

Seems some dude/dudeette decided to offload a bucket-load of mostly blues discs – this one featured here being the first one I shall review.  On searching the web – seems an original Mono version of this in mint condition (which this is) is fetching 60 euros or more – so I suppose on a fat-cat-stock-broker-investment type-thang – I am quids in…..

What you get on this disc are a bunch of outtakes etc from early 60s blues-men – all in a nice mellow sort of fashion – not exactly what you might call ‘raw’ – but hey – some very fine stuff on here …

Highlights have got to be ‘Calcutta Blues’ from the mighty Champion Jack Dupree, along with ‘Pretty Girls Everywhere’ by Otis Spawn.   The disc is littered with collaborations from some hard-hitters such as Mayall/Clapton/Green, which I am sure if you are into this stuff you would totally dig.

Classic – early Sunday morning blues – which goes very nicely with the coffee and maple-syrup pancakes in from of me…