Caribbean Carnival


My first thought when I spotted this baby was “Exotica!!”. But closer inspection reveals that this is an early example of British exploitation of the burgeoning West Indian market, triggered by the immigration¬†explosion in the early part of the sixties.

The music is performed by Russ Henderson and his Caribbean Boys. Apparently, London-resident Russ got the gig because he was originally from Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad and “had no difficulty in finding artists from his country with the right feeling and rhythm necessary to produce an authentic recording”.

Included are standards we know and love like “Walking The Dog”, “Yellow Bird” and a steel band rendition of “Peanut Vendor”, along with the energetic ska of “Sammy Dead Oh!” and equally morbid “Stone Cold Dead In De Market” (another version of which featured on our mixtape) and finishing with an instrumental rhythmic orgy called simply “West Indian Drums”.