RCA Demonstration And Sound Effects Record


From 1970. Side 1 features a selection of stereophonic musical excerpts with irritating descriptive interjections by American narrator. Side 2 is a grab-bag of field recordings – sports cars, fire engines, subway trains, canons, etc…

7 inchers

America’s First Man In Orbit – 7 incher…

Been sort of neglecting posting here for too long – plus I have a rather obscene amount of new vinyl that are accumulating in piles all over the house – leading to threats of marital disharmony – but heck – that is sort of normal round here !!

Grabbed the above classic piece of history this afternoon in car-boot land – The reocrd features Astronaut “John Glenn” in “Friendship 7” (the name of the Mercury space capsule  he flew in) This took place on Pad 14 in Cape Canaveral on February 20th 1962.

Trust me on this – your record collection is a happier thing when it contains items such as these !!


Woodland And Garden Birds

Now here’s a record guaranteed to make my colleague green with envy…


Originally released separately, this is actually two BBC albums combined as a double in a lovely gatefold sleeve.


Produced and narrated by Eric Simms (in flawless clipped Queen’s English) this collects a fascinating amount of bird calls along with a few other creatures, including mice, squirrels, mosquitos and even Death’s Head Hawk-moths, grouped according to the seasons and environment – a truly beautiful sonic portrait of British wildlife.


The World of Travel (Argo SPA 212)


The World of Travel
The World of Travel

A simply excellent LP this one  released in 1973 – an age before Sublime Frequencies performed the same (perhaps more detailed) crate digging – an audio snap-shot of times gone and places I personally wish to explore more …    I must confess to being addicted to these long-forgotten recordings, preserved in long forgotten slabs of wax – and this one in particular satisfies more than most ..  everything on here is good – but the track ‘Music from Iraq’ with Abdul-Karim Al Azawi playing the Tabl to very fine effect, is stunning – a snippit to drop mid-dubstep set – and if I believed in the concept – a staple-sample moment if ever there was one …!


7 inchers

Addicted to Bird Sound recordings #1.

Bird Recognition – An Aural Index (Victor C. Lewis).
3 disc boxset with booklet – Mono – 7EG 8926-7-8 – 1966

I must admit to absolutly loving these discs …. forget all that Eno-esque,synth-laden,new-ageism ambient tosh – pleeeazze…- sorry – but if I feel like a bit of relaxation , nothing does it much better that a disc of naturally recorded real-world sounds – and yes – the sounds of birds in the English countryside do it for me…

Split over three 7 inchers is a detailed analysis of some 47 species of bird and 187 individual recordings covering a very-wide range of chirping emotions (we got the lot here – alarm, flight, song, sub-song, mating, roosting, feeding etc etc).

This boxset is one of a series of 3 – covering various types of birds in a grouping of various types of habitat – all recorded in the late 1950s and early 1960s they are a snap-shot of a more quiet era long since lost …. as stated in the excellent book included “Due to the advent of the jet-aircraft, and the present-day multiplicity of man-made noise generally, good quality natural history sound recordings are fast becoming virtually impossible ….”

Victor C Lewis has left a stonker of an archive of recordings spread over numerous musty slabs of plastic – that I am slowly hunting down – this box cost me 50 pence – bargin or what !!

Anyway – here is the recordist in his studio – NICE !!


Bird Sounds In Close-Up


Unfortunately this record did not have a cool flexi-disc hidden inside it, but at least it did still have it’s original detailed and highly informative insert/leaflet thingy.

This record cost it’s original owner £1.25 at Leo’s. Gosh, I remember Leo’s. My mum used to do the weekly shop there every week. Of course, that building is now a Tesco Metro. So it goes.