Heron (DNLS 3010)

Popped out for lunch to the small village next to here – and there in the local thrift store – was a white record box – 15 minutes later 14 LPs were tucked under my arm – at 50 pence a pop.   Some classic stuff – Moody Blues, Neil Young, Rick Wakeman – along with a couple that have caused me somewhat a cheeky smile!  Seems I have managed to grab a mint copy of Srgt Peppers – original Mono pressing – first cut – asking price around 200 quid it would seem.   Along with this disc from some psych-folkers called Heron.  This one is also in absolute mint condition – not managed to get home to play the thing yet – but asking price on the web seems to range from 200-400 quid (ouch) – not bad for a lunchtime-shop ..   The following description from the web gives an idea what to expect – sounds good to me !! 

“Recorded in a field! Beautiful drifting rural prog with a West Coast vibe in mellow. Hard to track down and this one is nice. The quartet Heron recorded 2 albums for Dawn Records in 1970-71. Their instrumentation is primarily acoustic guitars, el-bas and various keyboards (organ, piano). Their playing and singing is very inspired, and many of the songs sound as if they were recorded in one take. Sounds of birds and wind can be heard between several tracks, as a lot of the recordings were done outside a Devon country cottage.”