Shape Up & Dance With Jay Aston



I admit jumping around the living room like an idiot the night Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision. Hey, gimme a break – I was only 11 years old. But I was never a fan of the group, though I was a secret admirer of Jay Aston. She had a great pair of legs and she knew how to use them. And I have to admit that, had my younger, hormonally messed-up, sexually undernourished teenage self had possession of this record, it’s quite possible I might have used it for purposes other than originally intended.

But don’t worry, I’m over all that now.

So how come I shelled-out 50p for this record? And why do I start feeling faintly aroused when I hear Jay’s cut-class English voice saying “this exercise is really good for your thighs and buttocks”, “lie on your back and relax every muscle in your body”, or “squeeze them together as tight as you can – this is really good for your bust”?

I’m actually quite glad that the 8 page booklet in missing, otherwise things could’ve got a bit messy…