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The Tomita Planets

Tomita does Holst. ‘Nuff said!


All Hail Klaus!!


Can’t believe this blog has reached it’s third month of existence without yet mentioning German keyboard legend Klaus Wunderlich. I have a couple of older relatives (one of whom is himself a semi-pro organist) who revere Klaus as some sort of God. The thing you have to realise is that this guy set a benchmark for technical excellence (both as performer and engineer) which, to the best of my knowledge, has yet to be equalled, let alone surpassed.

Of course, not all of Klaus’ albums are equal. I generally look out for the original German issues on the Telefunken label. And, although he is best known as an organist, Klaus also dabbled with a giant Moog modular synthesiser, most notably on the Sound 2000 series, but also on this one called (deep breath) ‘Uraltedelschulzensynthesizergags’, which also clearly demonstrates Klaus’ natural technical abilities as he expertly wields the patch cords, coaxing all manner of strange tones from the Moog, proving not only his mastery of the instrument, but also a roving creative spirit far in advance of any other artist in this field.

And the synthesized bird-calls on “Canari-Cha-Cha” would probably even impress my bird-song loving colleague.