Smash Hits 71

Lets face it – they most certainly don’t make sleeves like this anymore … No idea what the concept is? Basically they have badly (as only the MFP label knew how) – recorded some rather decent tracks – taken one scantily-clad babe – lets face it she is naked from the waste up – given some poor baby her bra for clothes – then got her to pout ever-so-sexy-like, whilst holding onto kid …  and why the hell not hey ??   You will even notice the clever use of over-sided safety pin – predating Punk by a good 5 years or so – man that MFP lot were trend-setters ….

Must be said though – and bare in mind I am indeed a Bolan freak – the cover of Hot Love is pretty damn convincing ….  so on the whole a nice find this afternoon for a mere 25 new pennies ….     also as can be seen from the back cover near her head – this copy was actually owned by that saddo-singer Seal – even has his autograph – guess must be worth a mint then !!

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Studio 80

This one came out on the German label Ariola around 1979, so you get a few familiar tunes and quite a few unknowns – presumably big disco hits in Germany. Always good to hear Eruption‘s “One Way Ticket”, though.
I got really curious about the pictures of the semi-naked lady who appears gyrating on the front and rear sleeve, so I scanned them into the laptop and reversed the negative effect, to get a better idea what she looked like:




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