Françoise Hardy – ‘FH 1’


An original pressing on the French Disques Vogue label from 1963. How this ended-up languishing in a charity shop in Filton, UK is anyone’s guess, but I was more than happy to give it a loving home. Nice gatefold package. Can’t understand a word she’s singing or make head-nor-tail of the sleeve notes – should’ve paid more attention in French lessons at school.




Duane Eddy – $1,000,000.00 Worth of Twang

A mono classic of a recording , on the London/Jamie label from way back in 1961.  This is the original pressing (HA-W 2325), with a somewhat worn sleeve, but near mint vinyl – plays with a real kick!

This record was produced by the mighty Lee Hazlewood, who also co-wrote a number of the tracks.   So what you get are some lush productions, grooving along in a rocka-billy-way with that distinctive ‘twangy’ sound – lush stuff !!

Hazlewood pushed right ahead to produce Eddy’s first hit. They formed a band made up of Al Casey, Larry Knechtel, and Steve Douglas called the Rebels. Hazlewood produced “Movin’ ‘n’ Groovin’,” an instrumental single featuring Eddy’s soon-to-be-famous “twangy” guitar. He achieved this specialized sound by tuning his six string down an octave, performing the melody line on the top strings and feeding the sound through a combination of echoes. This sound became Eddy’s trademark and was a creative fusion of rock, country, and rhythm and blues.

Had me grooving around the house at 8.00am this morning – what on earth I am doing listening to 60s r-n-r at this time in the morning is anyone’s guess – but sure beats commuting !!


John Mayall – Cursade (Decca LK 4890 / Stereo)

Second up from the recent bag load of rare 60s blues – comes this storming slab of wax from John Mayall and his Blues Breakers.  Quite a little super-group for sure here – with a young Mick Taylor on lead-guitar and John McVie providing a rock-solid bass.  This is a much more polished – but somehow raw – set of blues than the previous disc.  Each track actually comes with the key it is recorded in – so that you can strap on your own axe and let rip at home (if you are that way inclined) …

What is nice about this sort of disc is the fact that all the tracks were recorded in 1 single session on 12th July 1967 – all 12 numbers – and man they sound as fresh today as I am sure they did back then.

As the manifesto states o the back cover…

The time is now ripe for you Blues devotees to make your presence known.  Demand recognition for your music!  It is time for a major blues crusade!

Angry words for an angry time (and I thought back then it was meant to be all peace, love and understanding ?


Various – Raw Blues (Ace of Clubs 1967/Mono)

This week I have scored, for no more than 50 pence each, 4 LPs that simply should not be turning up in scruffy-down-at-heel thrift stores in down-town Yeovil.

Seems some dude/dudeette decided to offload a bucket-load of mostly blues discs – this one featured here being the first one I shall review.  On searching the web – seems an original Mono version of this in mint condition (which this is) is fetching 60 euros or more – so I suppose on a fat-cat-stock-broker-investment type-thang – I am quids in…..

What you get on this disc are a bunch of outtakes etc from early 60s blues-men – all in a nice mellow sort of fashion – not exactly what you might call ‘raw’ – but hey – some very fine stuff on here …

Highlights have got to be ‘Calcutta Blues’ from the mighty Champion Jack Dupree, along with ‘Pretty Girls Everywhere’ by Otis Spawn.   The disc is littered with collaborations from some hard-hitters such as Mayall/Clapton/Green, which I am sure if you are into this stuff you would totally dig.

Classic – early Sunday morning blues – which goes very nicely with the coffee and maple-syrup pancakes in from of me…


Voices in Instrumentation – The Unique Vocal Interpretations of THE MEXCALI SINGERS

An absolutely amazing bag of discs found in Yeovil today – ranging from out-of-print pristine 60s blues, 70s stomping rock, late-70s prog and a bundle of novelty kids discs – more of that later however pop-pickers…

In the mean-time – you get The Mexicali Singers – from 1966 – a space-lounge-disc of fictitious Mexicans that a certain Anita Kerr apparently stumbled upon in ‘Old Mexico’ and dragged back to Hollywood waving a recording contract to a chorus of “Si Si Si ….” …  The LP comes with an in-depth description of said Mexicans – such as stated for the halucagenic-herb giving Marg:

“Alto for the group is Margarita Reales, a sultry, dark-skinned beauty of Indian heritage.  The gay wit of Marg, as her friends call her, is almost legendary in the unspoiled mesa region, from which she hails.  Marg is the prankster of the sextet, her most recent prank having been to fill 3000 tacos with loco-grass, causing a minor epidemic.  Marg likes to giggle and loves to be tickled.”

Well over here in the glitch-household – we also enjoy a good tickle – and for sure would not be offended by any offering of any-form of loco-grass !!

So what do you get of this wonderful piece of black-plastic ?  Well…  pour out that cocktail – slip on a nice mini – and swank with me – to a shiny-bright piece of ratt-a-tat-scat vocalisation of classics to an orchestral score – with a big big back-beat …    wooo – hold on there ‘A Taste of Honey’ has just blasted off into the cosmos from the woofers – and man – I need to suspend typing for a smooch !!

This is a classic find – and if like me you dig this mid 60s bachelor pad style thing – then this is IT BABY !!!

More on Anita Kerr (“easily the most remarkable and accomplished female musician of the Space Age Pop era”) can be found here.


Sandy Nelson – The Beat Goes On.

First post of 2010 and what better way than a grooving, drum-led blast-off, on this original US first pressing on glorious stereophonic plastic.  Mint condition, cranked-up loud, no better way to kick things off.   This is another hand-me-down from my old man’s collection – boy, was he a groover or what?!!   More from the family archives to follow, for sure ….


Safe As Milk/Dropout Boogie



Would you pay a couple of quid for Captain Beefheart’s first album, even if it is an early-seventies reissue, mysteriously retitled “Dropout Boogie”?


Then you, sir, are an arse.


Holiday in South America (Allegro ALL-767)

Holiday in South America 1965

A snapshot of South America from the always reliable Allegro label.  Giving a peek back in time, when the streets were filled with pretty girls, saddled up on donkeys, red-painted-toes, cheery smile just dying to serenade you with sweet Latin grooves – as you gorge yourself on fruit.

A classic from 1965 – and a repeat player today….


Brazilian Jazz BOSSA NOVA Sonido de Marco Rizo

Marco Rizo - Bossa NOva

A less polished affair than the previously posted Duncan Lamont platter.  Coming a good 8 years earlier in 1962 – it is good to compare how both players tackle versions of Desafinado and One Note Samba – this disc comes across as a much more staid affair – but is pretty damn groovy all the same.  In particular Pianologue is damn excellent stuff in a laid-back-bossa-fashion.

A corker of a release on the ever-interesting PYE Golden Guinea label.

Nice to see this log swinging to a latin groove at the moment – time to shake things up with some OI-Punk I suppose !!

Bossa Nova - Marco Rizo


best of bossa novas – Duncan Lamont

Best of Bossa Nova - Duncan Lamont

Tasty tasty tasty – a very nice buy today for a cool 50-new-english-pennies.  Duncan Lamont in fine fine style on this 1970 MFP release.  Big fat upright bass, swinging-rythm-sticks, a nice alto-sax and some fine playing on the old ivories – all arranged superbly in an improv-jazz style – at times quite funky indeed !

To quote the notes – “Eight leading musicians, each an artist in his own right, each recognized for his own particular style and technique, have joined forces under a common banner – namely that of Bossa Nova“.

A call-to arms it would appear from the old-jazzers…   Forget the Rockers-n-Teds from the 50s, the Kool-Aid-wig-out-kids of the 60s, Punks (blaaahhh) – and don’t even bother mentioning Accciiiiiddddddd … The REAL REVOLUTION sure as hell was not televised, but emerged writhing from mono-players across land – “induing a feeling of complete harmony and relaxation – a state of mind which few other forms of music can help to attain”. – YEAH !

Best of Bossa Nova - Duncan Lamont