The Singing Detective OST


Among the highlights of this selection of pre-war recordings, perhaps the most arresting is also the most familiar – Vera Lynn‘s “We’ll Meet Again”. But this isn’t the usual standard orchestrated version. Instead Vera is accompanied by Arthur Young on the Novachord, an early electronic keyboard, who’s haunting, unearthly tones transport me to some deserted, rain-washed sea-side pier of the mind’s eye.  But I’ll leave this post in the capable hands of the series’ writer, Dennis Potter, in this extract from the sleeve notes:

“Half-remembered songs from long ago can sometimes tinkle and tingle at the edge of our senses like a dimly nagging tangle of nerves. The faint ache which results is usually dismissed as one of the more cheap and useless forms of ‘nostalgia’ – a sort of ghost-pain left over from an amputated (and younger) limb. But the singing detective knows that they can do more than this…”

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Screen Trip-Seventies


Or perhaps – in a parallel universe those 70s ravers / single-mums / casuals as mentioned in the previous couple of posts – all dropped some MFP-blotters – and stuck on Screen Trip-Seventies, to re-live those hazy-heady-dozy memories of the peace-lovin-celluloid moments of the 60s ….  

Another classic moment of cover-version heaven – they sort of just about manage to sound pretty frazzled on some of these babes – I mean – if you are going to try ‘Born to be Wild’ – then you sure as hell need some overdriven guitar/hammond thang going down – and they cut-it …    some tasty stuff here actually – rather nicey-nicey versions of ‘Everybody’s Talkin’ and ‘Somthing in the Air’ – makes me want to drag open the drinks-cabinet – get a couple of neighbors over, pull the curtains – and let loose !!

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Disco Soundtracks



When we talk of disco soundtracks from the ’70s, naturally the first thing we think of is Saturday Night Fever. Nothing wrong with that, I found the double-vinyl soundtrack ages ago, and it’s still a good listen, certainly the high point of the Bee Gees career.


Today I felt truly blessed to find these two soundtrack albums, both from film adaptations of Jackie Collins novels. Seriously, I had to suppress a squeal of delight when I found them nestling together whilst rummaging through an otherwise disappointing crate this afternoon. Too many highlights to list here, although special mention for The Sweet‘s one great post-glam hit “Love Is Like Oxygen” – I don’t think I’ve heard it once in the intervening 30 years, but was utterly delighted to get reacquainted. Also Cameron‘s distinctly weird disco rendition of “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” brought nothing but joy to these jaded old ears.

Incidently these two both have wicked gatefold sleeves with stills from the films, but those pleasures are for my eyes only…

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Stereo – Space Odyssey


<<<<<< SPATIAL STEREO >>>>>>>
The London Philharmonic Orchestra with Pipe Organ and Electronic Synthesizer Effects.

Love the Pipe Organ bit – no idea where that pops into this – but the synth is all over with squelchy throbbing white noise stuff – on top of a pretty standard interpretation of the old ‘space’ classics by the London Philharmonic Orchestra…

A snip for 20 new-pence in Taunton yesterday afternoon – bought 2 space-themed discs yesterday – the other will be reviewed very soon when I work out how best to scan the many-many pages !!

Anyway – if you only had an mp3 of this you too could (as stated on the reverse of the sleeve) – “Take an audio trip into space”…

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