The Band I Heard In Tijuana


“The Swinging New Sound Of Fun For Dancing And Listening By Los Norte Americanos.

Here is the freshest sound to come along in the last ten years of popular music. The sound of the mariachi trumpet combined with a little dixieland, jazz and go-go beat. Born in the garish and colourful border town of Tijuana, Mexico where anything can happen, and usually does, this music has a gaiety that will spread it around the world. “

Released on Marble Arch Records in 1966, presumably this was the sound of choice for those cats who were too cool for The Beatles “Revolver”. ┬áMust admit, I do like a little blast of Tijuana music every now and then, probably due to early exposure via Test Card muzak on the telly. I shall endeavour to post a few more examples in future…