Steven Smith & Father & Sixteen Great Songs


There is something so completely not right about this one that some form of elite task force should be formed immediately to ensure something so mind-shatteringly dull, can never again be attempted. But hey – who am I to comment on what is good for the masses – and there was a time in England where (apparently in the dark ages of 1972) Steven Smith (and Dad) were exactly what was wanted. After a little research – it would appear that these 2 head-down-take-no-prisoners-funk-machines were some sort of contestants if not winners on nothing other than Opportunity Knocks – if you are English and of a certain age then this will already have you running for the reset button – everyone else – think yourselves lucky for not knowing !!

Anyhows – how does this dross sound – well limp[ would be a compliment – sounding like a muffled recording of a lame Bontempi preset demo flexi-disc – with drums so low in the mix – that when Steven does his little pat-ata-bpht-bpht-duh-duh-duhsolo type thang – it has the punch of someone dropping a few clothes pegs on the floor.   The selection of songs are simply dross – the dynamics of the mix seem somehow to have fallen into a negative dimension – look – this is 72 – they had compressors and all that stuff – this is released on Decca for goodness sake – what was the engineer./label/A-and-R deptartment etc etc thinking ?

More to the point – who bought this thing ? Yikes – I did !! – Not only that but this one cost me 1 bleedin quid !!

But – lets face it you don’t get to own many LPs with Stevens’ Dad on it – just very very not correct – or what !!

The back of the sleeve looks like this (think yourselves lucky this is not an MP3 blog – otherwise I would have also uploaded an MP3 – and trust me – you would not want to get that!! ):

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  1.’re a braver man than me, mate. but this is yet more proof that the ‘Life On Mars’ tag still sticks when applied to the early seventies!

    i’m almost curious to hear how badly they messed-up the Third Man theme…

    • careful what you ask for my friend !!

  2. […] Of The Third Kind 15. Unknown – Born to be Wild 16. House Crew – We Are Hardcore 17. Steven Smith & Father – The Third Man Theme 18. Sue Wilkinson – You Gotta Be A Hustler If You Wanna Get On 19. The Islanders – Lie […]

  3. Thanks – steven is my brother . They were very popular at that time, strange as that seems. They won opportunity knocks 9 times and steven travelled the world recognised as one of the best young drummers. He was brilliant for his young age. They appeared with morcambe and wise in Panto and Steven foot to meet the great buddy rich.

    • Thanks for the post – is he still drummming agfter all these years? Were there any other LPs put out ?

      • Thanks for your post Steven lives in Jersey and is not playing drum although one of his sons has picked up the sticks. My father, Jimmy Smith has had a few records and has his own website – however its a great shame that he does not make any mention of Steven.

  4. Yes he is my brother too. Well said David. He was amazing for his age.

  5. Yes! Finally someone writes about venetian.

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